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18-06-2012, 00:15
OK.... I remember Meeting Engagement getting FAQ'd that you could have characters join units before you rolled to see if they come in as reserves.

This was a big deal for me, as I was playing my Grey Seer on a Bell back when 8th came out. An immobile Bell if I rolled a "1" for my Seer was kinda a crisis for me. Then the FAQ came out (1st one I think), and I was much relieved.

Anywho... Mini-tourney was yesterday and we had Meeting Engagement deployment rules. I pointed out that there was a FAQ that let characters join units before the roll. No one seemed to know this FAQ, but they all believed me. (And I didn't take a Seer or a Furnace, so it really didn't matter anyhow.) Thinking it was weird that I was alone is this knowledge, I checked the FAQ today and cannot find my rule change.

So... Did this FAQ ever exist? Or am I so good at lying that I have altered my own memory? Have I hit the first stage of schizophrenia?

Which then begs... If I am creating false memories... Should I hide it from my loved ones so hold off my impending forced stay at an institutional facility? (Doubt they will let me have access to my hobby supplies.)

18-06-2012, 00:20
This is the first time I hear of any FAQ with regards to the Meeting Engagement Scenario. Which is probably an indication for you, although I have to stress I'm no guru when it comes to knowing All FAQs ever presented at any given time. ;)

As far as I've always known the rules for this Scenario are very clear: You roll for units and characters separately.. Regardless of who is joined to what unit etcetera. Major pain for Daemons, I might add, with our dependance on Locus from Heralds.. haha

18-06-2012, 00:47
Well, I thought like you, but after a quick check of the latest FAQ and the main rules (mini rulebook), I think I found where the confusion starts ...

Indeed, in the Meeting Engagement scenario, Characters roll separately from their units, and that's intentional, representing the sheer chaos of that scenario ...

BUT, in the Dawn Attack scenario, Characters can either deploy on their own (rolling to see where) OR inside an unit (in that case, a single roll to see where the unit deploys, Character included).

I discover intricacies in the rules daily ... this game is complex !

Me brainz hurtz :eek:

18-06-2012, 11:52
The FAQ you are thinking of is on FAQ 1.5 pg 8 1st column end of last question. This is only for those characters that are required to join units.

ie, Grey Seer on a Screaming Belll, Slann with temple guard.

Q: If a character is required to join a unit and all units are
required to test to see if they are held in reserve or moved on from a
board edge at the start of a turn, how is this resolved? (p97)

A: Before rolling for any units you must nominate which unit
each character that is required to join a unit is going to be
deployed with and then roll once to determine if they all turn
up or all are delayed. For example a Skaven army with a grey
Seer on a Screaming Bell is playing against an Orc & Goblin
army with Skarsnik. The Grey Seer would have to nominate
which unit of Clanrats or Stormvermin he is joining before any
rolls are made to see which units are delayed by Skarsnik.

The bearded one
18-06-2012, 12:46
I actually thought the very same thing in a tournament, but I couldn't find the FAQ anymore either. Luckily it concerned my slann, so the FAQ Artiee pointed out still applied to him. I guess it is as Lorcryst says, and we mixed up dawn attack and meeting engagement rules.

18-06-2012, 23:32
Thank you, Artiee. I am very relieved... I don't mind being wrong. But this was a step past that!