View Full Version : 1500 points for tournament, need some advice

18-06-2012, 16:03
Hello all, i have a upcoming tourney next Saturday at 1500pts, i quickly made a list for some games before it, to see if it would work.

- AL + Waltar, HA, Ench Shield, Talisman of Preservation
- Wizard lvl 2, Scroll
- Master Engineer
- 1 BSB, FPA shield, Dragonhelm, Dawnstone
- 2 x 35 halberdiers, Std Mus
- 1 GC
- 3 Demigryphs
- 1 HVG

I managed a massacre against Ogres (bad rolls from his part), but lost again Brets (by less than 200 points maybe, lost the cannon on first turn due to a misfire, some bad rolls on my part, magic did nothing).

What would you change? I really miss some chaff (archers) and a Mus on Demis. Also i start to think that Waltar is too expensive at these points value.
Show me your opinions!