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18-06-2012, 16:55
What tricks do you like to do with your chariots?

How do you use them?

What are their strengths/weaknesses?

18-06-2012, 17:14
saying chariots is way to vague, tomb king,chaos goblinand elves all have different stat lines which can cope for different situations.

18-06-2012, 17:22
I have two sorts of chariots: The one shoots the whole game, blasting monsters and cavalry apart. (Ironblaster)

The other ones charge headlong into the enemy, supporting the main regiments with some serious damage and resilience. There are also less resilient chariots, which can charge smaller units on their own and just crush them with 3D6+3 Impact hits. Lastly, if you're the random one, there's also a cheap chariot which can be surprisingly effective! (Orc Chariots, Goblin Chariot units & Snotling Pump Wagons)

Advantages of the IB are that it is very resilient against anything not warmachine or poison related and that it is a freaking cannon on a chariot manned by a Ogre and pulled by a Rhinox! Weaknesses... I do not think the IB has any real weaknesses, rather it counters some anti-warmachine tactics because common hunters (Captasus, Light Cavalry, Skirmishers) will often have problems to tear one down if they even survive long enough to do so...

Advantages of Greenskin chariots are their great price, I find them a bargain and always take at least two. Orc chariots are my personal favourites of the lot, they pack some punch and I had some really lucky rolls with them. My Dark Elf opponent always focusses my chariot "Fist of Gork" first, even before Mangler Squigs, just because it will otherwise wreck Hydras/Cold One Knights/Shades/retreating remains of some horde and generally cause mayhem and evil grins with charge rolls of 18" or 19". :D They are also quite resilient with T5 and 4 wounds and can often bear the attacks directed at them. They are fantastic to run down fleeing opponents and seriously influence most battles they participate.

Goblin chariots are less resilient, yet they are very cheap and can be bought in units! A unit of 3 isn't expensive and comes with lots of impact hits and a high movement which gives it many different uses for a small price. Be it supporting a regiment with some impact hits or even charging smaller units or cavalry on their own, they rarely failed me. I've even seen another Greenskin player who hunted warmachines with a single Goblin chariot! Their weakness definately is their lack of protection, they tend to die at some point. ;) A unit also has a wide front, which makes flank charges and manouvers a bit harder compared to a single chariot.

Lastly, the Pump Wagons. Not too much experience fielding them, mainly because my 2 aren't assembled yet. Their advantages are random movement (thus no charge reactions allowed), their very cheap price and their versatility! Want more punch? Why not try armour-ignoring impacts? Terrain is also a weakness for many chariots, but the Pump Wagon can simply soar over them! Their disadvantages is also random movement, because it greatly hinders any serious planning with them. Like Goblin Chariots they can't take much harm, but they surely make for some nice and funny addition.
A indirect strength (as in absence of weakness) is that neither of these 3 units suffer animosity, which is great!

So, you see, I love my chariots. :D Thus I have...enough Greenskin chariots for any occasion...or one more, maybe? :shifty:

18-06-2012, 17:52
Unfortunately I must agree with Ecowarrior, this is not unfortunate because Ecowarrior is wrong or unfounded or gives bad advise, far from it. It is unfortunate because I like to give useful advise whenever I am able and this time I cannot. Chariots come in too many varieties to give blanket advise on the unit type as a whole. I would strongly advise you to either pick a particular type of chariot (eg. Heavy, cannon toting, light, unit, random) or a particular chariot (eg. lion chariot, ironblaster, steamtank, goblin chariot unit) that you would like advise on inorder to limit the field of responses.

18-06-2012, 19:26
I find chariots deployed on opposing weaker enemy flanks to be a god send smashing up little things as a pair or as single unit(infantry) supports they can not march and normally keep pace with standard infantry.Great for a little extra punch and also worth bearing in mind is the fact that chariots still to this day invoke a lot of fear in players who target them with missile troops to avoid charges(impact hits).All though given points cost the humble chariot conflicts with cavalry costs.

18-06-2012, 22:14
A couple of useful 'tactics' / tricks with chariots:

First sounds obvious but combo charge, especially useful with deep steadfast units which aren't too good in a fight as they can deal the needed extra damage with impact hits to swing the first round in your favor and your deep unit prevents the opposing better in combat less deep unit from being steadfast hopefully allowing you to run them down rather than just hold them up indefinitely with steadfast.

Second area threat, chariots generally have quite a long charge range and despite being slow normally are very maneuverable with unlimited pivots so can be kept with your main infantry line ready to react to your opponents movements to deter flank charge positioning via a counter charge for instance, protect vulnerable units such as artillery from defensively weak fast interceptor units, they can also quickly pivot to threaten scouts or ambushers without having to commit a large infantry unit and severely deplete and split your main battle line.