View Full Version : War Altar ina unit?

18-06-2012, 19:30
Sorry I don't have Empire but I was just curious. Is there any reason an Arch Lector on a War Altar couldn't join a unit? Isn't it a chariot so it could join a unit of say Halberdiers and because it's so fat it could add ranks to the Halberdiers? I realize it would displace 8+ attacks with 5 from the Alter but just curious if it's legal. Not sure what the base size is on it either? Chariot sized? So then it would have to go on the side of the unit?

18-06-2012, 19:48
Pretty sure it's a chariot. Feel free to prove me wrong, Internet!

18-06-2012, 21:17
Characters on chariots can't join units. Too many whirring choppy bits apparently.