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19-06-2012, 02:03
This is kind of a fun list, I was checking out the rulebook and saw that flying cavalry units have a 20 inch move and a 10"+3d6 (pick highest) charge with a free reform when marching. I love speed. I play dark eldar for 40k and I would love to play an army with similar tactics. I am very new to Fantasy, I don't own a single army but have been playing with cutouts with a friend to test things out and see what I like. So tell me what you think. I heard stone throwers are good and the volley fire looks good too to take care of low toughness hordes which I am weak against with a low number of attacks with the Pegasus Knights.

Lord 230pts
w/ Royal Pegasus, Enchanted Shield, Giant Blade, Potion of Speed

Lord 213pts
w/ Royal Pegasus, Shield, Ogre Blade, Dragonhelm

Paladin BSB w/ Virtue of Empathy 70pts

Damsel 150pts
w/ Lvl 2, Chalice, Dispel Scroll

Knights of the Realm w/ Full Command 240pts

33 Bowmen 198pts

32 bowmen 192pts

7 Pegasus Knights w/ Full Command 415pts

7 Pegasus Knights w/ Full Command 415pts

3 Pegasus Knights w/ Full Command 195pts

Trebuchet 90pts

Trebuchet 90pts


Pally BSB stands close to the bowmen and trebuchets to give them a decent leadership while the knights of the realm fend off smaller things. The flying knights go off and cause shenanigans.

Tell me what you think. I know it probably won't do to well.

19-06-2012, 02:08
I'm making some modifications, I just found out that characters riding pegasus can't join a unit of pegasus knights :(

King Arthur
20-06-2012, 17:05
Well a lot of peasant bowman to say the least! The BsB will not be protected from warmachines and spells you must protect him better. strength in heroes isn t evrething my rules for making heroes (personal preferance) 1.High armour save 2.ward save 3.leadership bonuses to units e.g. stubborn 4.combat prowess pegasus knights do not negate steadfast so this army will be unable to deal with hordes and you will be blown out the water with magic put a least another wizard and consider having long units of knight which are still move 8

21-06-2012, 13:27
The BsB will not be protected from warmachines and spells you must protect him better.
I'm imagining the BSB is going to go in with the KotR.

As for the OP, I think you might find that a traditional, knight heavy list will provide you with more mobility than you might imagine. Personally, I can't imagine 19 pegasi finding room enough to operate effectively. Two trebuchets and 60 odd bowmen will do fine for handling large blocks of gribblies, but you just don't have enough hitting power to handle an army that has a lot of really tough troops: Brets need dual charges from knight busses to handle those sorts of blocks, and you just won't have the surface area to get enough Peg Knights in to take care of them (and, really, despite the peg attacks, PKs function about as well as normal knights once they get into combat). You won't ever get a rank bonus with PKs, so any ranked infantry will be steadfast until you get them down below 5 models.

With all that as a disclaimer, I'd be interested in seeing how this list fares. Looks like fun, and reminiscent of Bret lists taken back in 6th.

21-06-2012, 13:34
He didn't give him a horse and he has the Virtue of Empathy makes me think he's near the peasants. If he keeps running on his own might get the 2+ WS against the first hit magical shield.
Looks like an interesting list. The large Pegasus units are in my opinion to big as you loose a lot of attacks charging anything not in horde formation.

21-06-2012, 14:48
You're quite right. Had virtue of duty and empathy mixed up for a moment there, and I wasn't looking at the points cost.