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Once Bitten
19-06-2012, 15:02
I've been assuming that Monstrous Infantry only need 3 R&F models to provide a LOS for characters. However, what I read in the BRB seems vague about it - referring to only needing 3 models for a rank but not explicitly for a LOS. Could anyone verify for me whether or not 3 is enough?

19-06-2012, 15:18
3 is not enough. That's why Ogres have those lookout gnoblars I believe.

19-06-2012, 17:30
yep, you'll need 5 ogres unless you have a lookout gnoblar.

19-06-2012, 17:36
always 5 models.

Unless the standard bearer has a lookout gnoblar.

27-06-2012, 00:56
5 RnF models to get the LOS save, or buy the lookout upgrade

27-06-2012, 06:21
What is this? A competition?

Hamsterwheel wins by answering the OP: One point to Gryffindor.

27-06-2012, 07:08
No man named 'Hamsterwheel' is part of Gryffindor. Clearly, he's a Hufflepuff, T10.

27-06-2012, 11:27
Don't be silly. Only Gryffindor ever gets any points.


27-06-2012, 13:44
and slytherin... so hes name should be dommhamster of wheelpain...