View Full Version : Elite Ogres 2500 points

vinny t
19-06-2012, 16:29
-Level 4 (Death)
-Greedy Fist
-Dispel Scroll
-Glittering Scales
-Biting Blade

-Level 1 (Maw)

Brusier BSB
-Ironfist and Heavy Armor
-Crown of Command
-Warrior's Bane

9 Ironguts
-Musician and Standard

10 Ironguts
-Full Command
-Banner of Discipline



8 Leadbelchers

2 Mournfangs

4 Maneaters
-2 HWs and heavy armor
-Stubborn and Vanguard


The only things with this list that I'm having second thoughts about is adding a Sabertusk and maybe the Dragonhide banner on my unit of 9 Ironguts.

My 2 Wizards both go into the unit of 10 Ironguts to make it 4 by 3 while my BSB goes into the unit of 9 to make a stubborn block of 5 by 2. I might be changing this up however based on play testing and and matchups.

I want this list to be strong but not OTT. The only thing that might be a little OP is the Greedyfisting Death SM. I tried to stay away from the traditional Irongut Horde plus tons of Mournfangs and duel Ironblasters.