View Full Version : 2500pts Khorne themed list

19-06-2012, 17:56
My first take on an all-Khorne themed list. Mainly for fun

Chaos Lord. MoK, Juggernaught, Halberd, Talisman of Preservation, Crimson Armor of Dargan, Bloodcurdling Roar, Stream of Corruption - 388pts

40 Warriors, 2x Hand Weapon, MoK, Musician, Razor Standard- 733pts
18 Warriors, Halberds, Shields, War Banner- 379pts

10 Knight, MoK, Lances, Musician, Flaming Banner- 530pts
Chaos Chariot, MoK- 150pts
Chaos Chariot, MoK- 150pts
Chaos Chariot, MoK- 150pts

20-06-2012, 08:22
40 Warriors? Why? That just seems incredibly excessive. I would most definitely split it into two units of 18.
2 Hand Weapons is a bad choice for a large unit as well as only the front rank gets the extra attack. Halberd and Shield is the tried and tested winning combination. Though you could have 1 small unit with them for support.

Otherwise looks nice, finally a "Khorne List" that doesn't have a 'sorcerer of khorne' too.

20-06-2012, 08:59
^ What he said at this point size, though I'd whole-heartedly recommend hordes of warriors in BIG games for giggles.

Also due to the lack of shooting or magic I'd be tempted to take a few more fast units to harass / destroy their ranged threats such as khornate marauder horsemen with flails and chaos hounds. This should help your warriors cross the board more intact and help deal with troublesome spell casters who might through buffs be able to tip combats in their favour. If you cut the 40 man unit down to say 21 you'd have ~ 300 points to play with which could get you 2 x 5/6 marauder horse + 2 x 5 warhounds or a mounted exalted hero of khorne for instance.