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24-06-2012, 21:57
I'm looking to build a 3k list that's all-comers list that is competitive, but not cheezy or unfair. Im looking for fun with a chance to win. The idea behind this list is to have a strong line of infantry supported and buffed with chariots and warmachines and a mobile centreline unit in the DG. The demi's are going to be joined by the captasus to form a monstrous cav unit of 6. and if I am not mistaken, since the command takes up the front rank, the character (and his weaker mount) go in the second rank, protecting him from attacks, and allowing the more powerful demigryph upfront to attack (while still benefiting from the captains 3 attacks) plus strider allows them to pretty much go where they need to be, or sneak around flanks.
here she is.


Arch Lector: AoMI, Mace of helsturm - 200

Wizard Lord(lvl 4) : DS - 225


Captain - FP, En.Sh., BSB -91

Captain - FP, Dragonhelm, Shield, GW, ironcurse icon, pegasus - 139

Master Engineer -65


Halberd (48) : musician, banner - 378
Det - (5) archer
Det - (5) archer

Spears (47) : musician, banner - 372
Det - (5) archer
Det - (5) archer


Outriders (5) -105

DemiGryphs (5) : full command, ranger standard -360

GreatSwords (39) : musician, banner - 449

Great Cannon - 120

Great Cannon - 120


Helblaster -120

Hurricanum -130

Luminark - 120

Total: 3004

Mostly be playing HE, Deamons and Lizards.

26-06-2012, 11:37
Very solid list. But its 4 points over 3000. At my gameclub its 3000 ore less those 4 points you need to drop. How does your gameclub ore friends think about that.

1 thing i would drop is one of the two popemobiels. For 3 blocks of troops one should be enough. Maybe switch some stug around and ad a unit of knights ore missle firepower

26-06-2012, 12:07
I agree with Juicy that this is a very solid list. I would keep both of the wizardmobiles though as they both do very useful buffs and you have the points to keep them. If the 4 points that you are over are a problem, drop a spearman and call it a day. This post is more to address how you are going to use the Captasus.

Since the Captasus is on a different base size then the unit he would be joining and cannot fit into the unit smoothly, you are required to place him at the end of the first rank. Don't be discouraged however, the unit of 5 demigryphs doesn't need much help to be combat effective. A simple unit of 5-6 can out preform serious combat contenders on their own and with a chariot buff they become even better, all those high strength attacks hitting on 3's would be nice. For the Captasus this would mean small changes aswell. Since he is not likely to be protecting a unit from warmachine fire, the Ironcurse Icon can go. For a simple replacement, assuming you want to keep that great weapon in combat, you could take a luckstone for the single reroll to an armor save. This would allow you to stay with the demigryphs for the first turn, avoiding shooting attacks, then branch out turn 2 and set up your charges.

26-06-2012, 12:31
the 4 points isnt an issue, our group of gamers gives a 10 points grace. As for the captasus, can he not go in the back row? his base would be short, but it is the same width, or do different size bases have to go on the flank? I was thiking of replacing the captasus with Luthor Huss and have him ride along with the DG. although he wont benefit from a save, I dont really have much shooting to worry about from my main opponents, and he benefits from a 4++, which should help keep him alive. Plus those re-rolls to hit would be nice :) and he could pick up any challenges the unit might face.