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25-06-2012, 06:38
Hey guys,

Two questions.

1) A challenge takes place between two champions. The Plague Monk champion is killed. After this challenge, we want to resolve the normal attacks of the Plague Monks (same initiative value as the Plague Monk champion). We were told that we cannot step-up to the position of the champion because his attacks and the attacks from the Plague Monks are in the same initiative step. Correct?

2) Simple one but can't find it black on white; do you have to test to restrain overrun? It says overrun is a special kind of pursuit and that many of the normal rules apply.


25-06-2012, 10:02
The champion dies at the exact same time as the models behind him attacking so no model would replace him for the initiative step correct.

The overrun rule specifically says you may choose to make it if you've wiped out your foe. There's nothing about restraint.

25-06-2012, 12:02
The rules do not make any special mention of how models that fill up to fill gaps fight.

You can play this out by resolving the combat step by step and sticking to what one can see at-a-glance: Under normal circumstances models fight when their turn comes up and they get to fight according to their current position with no special regard to what happened before this.

If a model is removed from the front rank then his position is immediately filled by models from the rear rank. If their initiative count as not yet come up then they get to fight. This means that if the champion is killed on initiative count 4 then his replacement may attack on initiative count 3 or later, unless of course the replacement would normally attack on initiative count 4 or earlier.

Apart from the practical consideration that you are actually moving a model into a new position, there is no "fluff-wise" difference from simply removing rank-and-file troops from the rear. This simply achieves the same thing as removing the slain models from the front and then pushing the models forward. You may sometimes see two or more models fighting from the same position, e.g.: a high-Initiative hero is slain by a medium-Initiative enemy and replaced by a low-Initiative rank-and-file trooper.

I don't think it breaks any rules, but I can see how it seems weird that the total number of models that got to fight in a round is higher than the models in a fighting position at the start of the combat.