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25-06-2012, 18:01
I've been playing War hammer for about 2 months now and I'm starting to really enjoy my WoC army.
I am still trying to find that one composition that I really enjoy so I change my list up at least once a week, meaning that I'm really not getting any quality practice.
The goal here is to develop a list that I will actually like playing over and over so that I can get my strategics down pat.
Most of the guys at my game store play 2500 but I only have the models for roughly 1500-2000, I regularly play 1500.
Below is the latest list I have made up for critique.


Heroes: 375pts

Exalted Hero - 175pts
Biting Blade
He will go in my unit of warriors with the Banner of Rage for the extra attack,
I know he isn't relatively powerful but I had to cut points for my wizard.
This way he has a 3+ rerollable armour save, which hopefully will keep him alive for a bit.

Chaos Sorcerer - 200pts
Lv2 Upgrade
Disk of Tzeentch
Golden Eye of Tzeentch
Spell Familiar
Ugh, I have tried so many different things with my magic users.
I really love the lore of shadows but I find that a level 3 or 4 seems to just be to expensive in a smaller list such as 1500 points.
I've decided that I want to try out the annoying tzeentch disk sorcerer that people talk about. Let me know if this is an okay build for him.. seems expensive.
Anywho, he is a pseudo Lv3 (+1 to casting from MoT + 1spell from familiar) and has a 3+ ward against shooting and magic missiles.

Let me know what you think of the characters here. I really am not sure I like them.
Like I said before, i really wish i could take a shadow sorc this low because the debuffs and okkams are just so helpful for a full CC army like WoC
I believe in a 2000 point game I would try something like a Lv3 shadow and Festus to get a mean combo with Curse of the Leper.

Core: 785pts

50 Marauders w/Great Weapons - 292pts
Standard Bearer, Musician
I used to really hate these guys, I didn't like the models as much as the warriors so I was just tuning them out of the army, but recently I have been trying them out.
I'm still not sure I like them, they always seem to get hit by some annoying spell which kills like 20 of them.
Also not sure how many is effective.. 20? 30? 40? 50? two units of 30? horde formation or tarpit?
I didn't take the champion in here because I think i needed the extra points for my hellcannon. And because I'm not sure the +1 attack is even worth 8 points.

23 Warriors w/Halberds - 433pts
Full Command
Banner of Rage
I love these guys, I love the models, and I love how much they melt units. I don't exactly know how many of them I should be fielding though.
A lot of people run them in a unit of 18 which would save me almost 100 points (lately I've been running them 23.. 24 with Exalted).
I did take Banner of Rage instead of the MoK which I usually take because it saves me from having to put it on my hero which ended up saving me points.
I did also take the champion in this unit because I may want to challenge with him instead, allowing my BSB to lay down more attacks on the unit, i hope thats a good plan.

5 Warhounds
5 Warhounds
I like the concept of the dogs. I'm not really very good at using them as re directors, but I have them in the list to practice because I know that MoK armies are easy to outmaneuver.
Unfortunately I don't really know how to play them very well in the game so any suggestions as to where I should field these dogs would be great. I took 10 to cover flanks.

Special: 135pts

3 Chaos Trolls - 135pts
I really, really like these guys (I bought the river trolls cause.. one of them is puking and that's awesome).
they almost always make their 2 regen saves in combat allowing them to roll eye of the gods.
Plus since I have my general on a disk it will not be hard to keep them close to his leadership bubble.
Only problem is again, I don't know where to put them; out in front for a meat shield or to the sides for flanking? Are they even worth the points if i only take 3?

Rare: 205

Hellcannon - 205pts
It is these last few hundred point I usually change up. Suggestions are encouraged here (what should I spend points on here).
Sometimes it is knights, but they are so damn expensive and I don't know if they're worth it.
Sometimes I use 2 chariots, which seems to work out pretty well, they have mobility and if I can actually get a charge off (every once in a blue moon) then they get a lot of impact hits!
This time I went for the cannon, I've only tried this once before and I wasn't really sure about how i liked it. The idea of thunderstomp and unbreakable if it gets into combat is nice.


So tell me what you guys think about it.. sorry for the walls of text interrupting the list, I wanted to let everyone know why i chose things, or why i was unsure.
Suggestions on anything and more so, everything, would be really really awesome.
This is pretty much an all comers list so take into account other armies.

Thanks very much!

25-06-2012, 18:39
If i could stress anything it would be get rid of trolls they suck donkey balls lol, The river troll is a nice model but gaming wise you have way more usefull stuff in your chaos book.
Ive said this to many people but its my personal opinion. Take 2 hellcannons or none, they are harder to kill than any other WM but 1 will be easy for chaff to block LoS and make you shoot indirect or charge you and hold you up for a turn, were as 2 you will most likley allways be shooting 1 and these things hurt. But do you think 2 is worth the points ?

1)Level 4 MoT wizard imo is a must must must. If you wanna put him on a disk thats fine just have a plan for him, were is he gonna fly, who will he stick by. I love using talisman of preservation + MoT 3+ ward save with chaos armor, enchanted shield 2+ save. If you want a dispel scroll they never hurt aswell. I really dont think you need any other magic items apart from defensive ones for characters; you have all the offence you need just take a look at how discusting Lore of Tzeentch.
2)Dogs are good as any other redirector. The way to use them is allways have a plan for them e.g. Your warriors with halberds are in ranged oif been charged by a unit and you dont want them to be charged so you set them up were you think will be most benificial to do that job. I'm pretty sure you know how to position them to the enemy unit you want to redirct? If not allways make it so its impossible for them not to clip your warhounds when charging the unit your trying to 'protect'. There isnt much else to say about redirecting.
3)Its a pretty good/common combo for halberd warriors you have going there. I usually just take 17-20 to save points and allways have them looking for the flank charge. I usually have a warrior unit with shield MoT which is one of the best anvils in the game imo (3+armor 5+ ward), if you can get a unit of these in.
4)Marauders are amazing for their points, but like anything with little to no armor save pick your fights dont just throw them into anything that will butcher loads of them, also the more they shoot at these cheap guys the less they shoot at your warriors so imo thats 100x better. I usually take units of 40-50 for tarpiting with flails so you get your WS4 S5 I4 one first turn of combat which will rip through alot of stuff. I'd be careful with LD7 frenzy, its one of those things if you can control it you will be awsome but it can also pull you into a combat you dont wanna be in.
4) The BSB MUST have a ward save otherwise he will get rank and file attacked or stomped to death. I'd give him armour of destiny or something. So he has a chance against units your not expecting to get into combat with. Forget about his magic weapons and stuff leave the killing to the halberd warriors.

Your definatly on the right lines not over spending on heroes and you have the right ideas for core units. Just take into consideration what i said and if you dont have the models for it maybe try and work towards that and base your future more evolved army list around models you can get later on.

I think you should try and go for 2k i think you will find you'll have 10x more fun with it in the long run

25-06-2012, 19:11
Yeah, I think you're probably right about just playing 2000 points. That way I would actually have some leeway when it comes to a Lv4. Plus everyone at my games store knows I have like no models so more proxies wouldn't really be a big deal. For this list though I believe what I'm going to do is just take out the trolls so that I have some upgrade points, use a Lv4 MoT sorc and give the bsb a ward save. You're right about the warriors, the hero is there for the bsb, not to kill; i should just keep him alive.

25-06-2012, 21:05
abuse that MoT +1 to your wardsave it is pretty nasty :P

25-06-2012, 23:13
After a bit of tweaking, I've come up with this beauty!

Sorcerer Lord Lv4
Disk of tzeentch
talisman of preservation
spell familiar
charmed shield
This lord is essentially a level 5 caster, *********** awesome.

Exalted hero
armour of morrslieb
bloodcurling roar

17 halberd warriors
Banner of rage
full command

15 shield warriors
std bearer, musician

40 Flail marauders
std bearer, musician

10 dogs.

25-06-2012, 23:27
Note: those 10 dogs are two units of 5