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Hi Folks. I've just gotten back into Fantasy after a long hiatus and figured I would begin posting my fluff and battle reports for my new Dwarf army, Clan Dweklad. My play group is small, so the games will likely be infrequent and against the same 2-4 armies. I also play High Elves and Brettonians so those armies may make a cameo here or there. I've posted the beginning of my fluff below, explaining the structure and character of Clan Dweklad and Kazad Zhuf. After that will be the origin story followed by the first battle report.

Once by Iron
Twice by Rune
Thrice by Honour
We are Armored

Clan Dweklad, literally Thrice Armored, is based out of Kazad Zhuf located on the mouth of the western branch of the River Sirth, in the Irana Mountains. They currently control the majority of the Sirth river valley, with several outposts and watchtowers spread throughout. Highland terraces and farms in the valleys feed the burgeoning population, and several breweries compete for the right to serve in the King’s Ale House. The mines of the area are not legendary, but they produce precious metals, and iron in sufficient amounts to trade with the Bretons. In addition, there is a vein of Gromril under Kazad Zhuf that is personal property of the King and is used to produce armor and weapons for his house.

Kazad Zhuf maintains strong trading relations with both Quenelles and Carcassonne, and often sends trade expeditions east into the Grey Mountains, and beyond into the Empire. Once every ten years, the King and his court set out on a grand expedition to Altdorf, bringing the finest of their wares to the grandest market in the known world. Closer to home, the forges supply weapon and armor to the nearby Bretons, and the breweries make special ales, formulated so as not to decimate the weaker human constitution. In return, the mills of Embrun provide lumber and the herds of Brusse provide sheep, goats and cattle to refresh the herds of Kazad Zhuf. So dependent is Kazad Zhuf on the Bretons for these resources, that each king renews an oath to protect each town and its lord in exchange for favorable trading terms. This oath has been called upon dozens of times throughout the centuries, and each time the warriors of Clan Dweklad have stood with the Bretons against their foes.

While prosperous and populous, Kazad Zhuf is one of the most eastern holds, and its relative isolation from other Dawi holds tarnishes its reputation among other Dwarfs, a problem that the strange organization of Clan Dweklad only exacerbates. Slayers are generally outcast in Dawi culture due to the shame that forced them into the slayer oath, but the Dweklad welcome them as brothers, usually because they are brothers. The King of Kazad Zhuf always fathers twin boys as his first children thanks to a rune set into the ring of kingship. When the brothers reach their majority, they will duel to establish who will be the heir. Since the sons are evenly matched, the one with the wisdom to relent becomes Prince, and the one brash enough to persist become the Slayer Lord. The Prince is second only to the King in his authority, and often can be found leading the armies of the clan or on trade expeditions, establishing new trading partners and learning about the wider world.

The Slayer Lord holds the same respect as the Prince, though his authority is limited to the other slayers who have taken Clan Dweklad’s peculiar slayer oath. The Slayer Cult in Kazad Zhuf is similar to other slayer cults in that it swears to seek the greatest of foes and bring them low without regard for their safety. However Slayers of Dweklad do not seek their own deaths. Instead they seek to erase their dishonor from the Book of Grudges with the blood of the Clan’s enemies. Once a Slayer has taken the oath, he is no longer judged by his past sins. Other Dwarfs honor him for taking the Slayer oath, and when his deeds have balanced the debt of his sins, he may wash the dye from his hair and begin his life anew. Because of this difference, other slayers despise Slayers of Dweklad and vice versa.

The Dweklad motto is “Once by Iron, Twice by Rune, Thrice by Honour, We are Armored.” This has been Clan Dweklad’s motto since its founding, and indeed gave the Clan its name. Before battle, leaders will bellow the first two lines, with the troops bellowing the third as they charge. Because of this practice, so many troops would use “Thrice by Honour” as their battle cry that the King accepted it as the official battle cry, replacing the previous cry of “We are accepting entries in our competition to find a battlecry!”

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Clan Dweklad was founded by Snalfi and Yodril Idrigson, simple clansdwarfs from Karak Drazh who accompanied a trading caravan deep into the holdings of the Manlings. In those wild lands there was much danger, and the Thane leading the expedition was killed in a battle with Orcs. The expedition was about to return home when word reached them that their home had fallen and been occupied by Greenskins. Though they wished to return and die in a futile fight to reclaim their home, they also had a duty to bury their Thane, lest his spirit be doomed to wander for eternity. Snalfi argued vehemently that they bury the Thane, and his fervor won over the others.

Heading south, the caravan passed through many villages, trading what they could for the Manling’s food. The journey was not easy, for in those days the early Bretons did not possess the might to police their lands. The Brigands were bad enough, but the Orcs were worse. Raids depleted the caravan, wrecking wagons and killing warriors. By the time they reached the Irana Mountains, spirits were low, and morale was lower. Following the river Sirth, the expedition made its way up into the mountains.

After a three days travel over rough terrain, with broken wagons and almost nothing to drink, the group came upon an old keep, cut into the mountains in the old days when Elves and Dwarves were still allies. It was magnificent, and as the group made camp all talk was of what they would discover inside when they explored it at daybreak. Late at night, as most of the group slept, a raiding party of skeletons, ancient things clad in Gromril and wielding rune weapons, attacked the camp. The warriors rallied and drove them off, but not before they dragged away the Thane’s casket.

Fear spread through the ranks. None dared face the wrath of their ancestors, believing that they had angered the dead by not returning to die at Karak Drazh. Snalfi pleaded with the warriors to come with him to retrieve the Thane’s body, but they refused. Disgusted at the cowardice of his clan, Yodril stepped before them and, discarding his armor, took the Slayer oath. Inspired by the brother’s dedication, an old Runesmith, Ondar Stonescribe, long past his fightine age, approached the brothers with the Thane’s gromril armor. As he placed the armor on Snalfi he said “You are armored once by Iron.” He then struck a rune of resistance onto Snalfi’s armor. “Twice by Rune.” He then took Yodril’s axe and struck several runes on it, imbuing it with powerful magic. As he handed the axe back to the newly declared slayer he said “And thrice by Honour,” before collapsing of exhaustion.

Armed and armored for the task, Snalfi and Yodril fought their way into the keep. The ancient undead dwarves were no match for the pair. Their blows glanced off of Snalfi’s gromril, and their armor parted before the fury of Yodril’s axe. They achieved the throne room and there confronted the ancient lich who had made his home in these runes. The vile undead had abandoned his crumbling corpse for the Thane’s. He fought Snalfi and Yodril for hours. The keep shook as he called upon the winds of magic, and a terrible storm grew above the mountains. Finally, Snalfi managed to get close to the foul undead, and, weathering dozens of blows from his accursed weapon, knock his spellbook from his hands. With preternatural swiftness, Yodril delivered the killing strike, shattering the prism in which the creature’s soul resided, and causing him to crumble into ash.

As the heroes walked from the cleansed keep, they were greeted by the caravan. In silence, they kneeled before the brothers. Two shieldmaidens helped the venerable Ondar Stonescribe hobble before the brothers, where he knelt and presented the Thane’s crown to Snalfi. With a smile, Snalfi took the crown and, setting it upon his head, addressed the crowd. “Once by Iron, Twice by Rune, Thrice by Honour, we are Clan Dweklad, Thrice Armored. Arise my clansfolk, and let us begin the work of making ourselves a home.” As the Dwarfs dispersed to begin the work, Yodril bid his brother goodbye, but Snalfi grabbed his brother by the arm. “You may be slayer, but by my oath you are still my clansman, and my brother. By the gods, I will see you stay with us.” And so Snalfi secured an oath from Yodril that has bound all slayers of Clan Dweklad since.

Since that fateful day, Clan Dweklad has built a kingdom in the Sirth valley. They have reopend the mines under Kazad Zhuf and terraced the mountainsides. They have built roads and docks along the river, and farms and breweries in the valley. For 2990 years Dweklad has ruled Kazad Zhuf, and both have prospered.

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Borri Dweklad stood on the battlements of Mingol Urbar looking out at the pass below. His host stood ready, and the usually busy market had fallen quiet, the merchants and traders hidden safe inside the fortress. A few hours before a Breton had descended from the sky on a Pegasus and warned them that a pack of Ogri was headed this way. Strangely, almost insultingly, the Knight had refused payment for the information. It still baffled Borri, and he might have even recorded a Grudge over the refusal if he wasn’t so confused by it. He would have to bring it up with one of the local lords next time they met. Perhaps he could repay the debt in ways that did not involve gold.

“Look.” Borri started as his brother spoke. “Thurn, I had not noticed you.” Raising an eyebrow in reproach, Thurn nodded his head out towards the pass, his giant orange Mohawk indicating a large group of Ogres and their Gnoblar slaves. “Dammit,” Borri muttered. This was certainly more than just a small raiding party. If they had not been warned, the Ogres might have ransacked the market and escaped before an effective counterattack could be formed. “I guess I owe that damn Knight more than just a new horse. Curse him.” Thurn placed a hand on his shoulder “Calm yourself brother. It looks like we have more pressing matters at hand.” “You’re right Thurn, let us show these Ogri what it means to face the Prince of Kazad Zhuf.” Taking their axes from where they leaned against the battlements, Prince Dweklad and the Slayer Lord of Kazad Zhuf descended the tower to marshal their forces.

So, first battle report. I played a game this weekend against a friend’s Ogres. His list was something like this:

Tyrant (7 attacks, 3+ armor, 5+ ward)

BSB (Bruiser?)

Firebelly (Flaming Sword, Fireball)

Butcher (The Maw, and the one that makes them Stubborn)

8 Bulls

8 or 9 Ironguts

10 Gnoblar Trappers

10 Gnoblar Trappers

6 Leadbelchers

6 Maneaters

1 Ironblaster (Chariot Cannon)

I don’t have a copy of his list, so that is from memory and may not be exact, but I’ve got all the units correct with roughly the right numbers. I’m not perfectly familiar with the Ogre book, so I don’t know the exact loadout of each unit.

My list was:

Bjorri Dweklad: Lord w/ Great Weapon, Rune of Gromril, Rune of Resistance, Rune of Preservation

Thurn Daemon Slayer: 2x Rune of Fury, Master Rune of Swiftness

Aldus Ironflame: Runelord w/ Shield, Rune of Balance, Rune of Spellbreaking, Rune of Stone

Ehrisk Dweklad: Thane w/ BSB, Shield, 2x Rune of Stone, Rune of Resistance

16 Thunderers

16 Thunderers

30 Warriors, Shields, Full Command

16 Longbeards, Great Weapons, Full Command

20 Slayers, Musician, Standard, 5x Giant Slayers

Cannon, Engineer, Rune of Forging, Rune of Reloading

Cannon, Engineer, Rune of Forging, Rune of Reloading, Rune of Burning

Grudge Thrower, Engineer, Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Penetrating, Rune of Reloading

The mission was Battle For the Pass. There was a Grail Chapel in the left of my deployment zone, and a forest in the right. He had a large rock formation opposite my Grail Chapel and a forest opposite my forest. There was the large Chaos Altar piece from GW in the middle.

We deployed alternately per the mission type, but I will just explain deployment side by side. I put one cannon to the left of the grail chapel and the other cannon to the right of my forest. My Grudge Thrower was to the left of my forest and I placed a unit of thunderers in front of both the forest and the grail chapel. My warriors and longbeards set up in the center, and my slayers deployed on the far right flank to counter his Ironguts. My Runelord hid behind the chapel, my Slayer went with my Slayers, and my Lord and BSB went with my warriors.

His Bulls, a unit of Gnoblar and his Ironblaster set up on my left flank, and his Ironguts, Leadbelchers, and another unit of Gnoblar deployed on my right flank. All of his characters except the Butcher went with the Ironguts, and the butcher went with the Bulls. His Maneaters deployed centrally and vanguard moved onto the altar.

The Dwarfs won the roll to go first.

Turn 1 – Clan Dweklad
My Warriors, Longbeards and Slayers all shifted backwards, trying to draw him in range of my guns. My left cannon missed the Ironblaster, my Grudge Thrower misfired, and the right cannon took two wounds off a leadbelcher. In my turn, the Maneater Champion began invoking the chaos gods on the altar and was promptly beaten to death and devoured by his squad. (He rolled a 1)

Turn 1 – Ogres
All his units moved forwards. My Runelord balances the winds of magic heaily in my favor and prepared to dispel the Ogre’s fire magic, but did not need to as the Firebelly failed to cast fireball. His Leadbelchers killed two of my Thunderers on the right, and his Ironblaster hits my cannon squarely, demolishing the carriage and sending the crew scattering inside the grail chapel (cannon destroyed).

Turn 2 – Clan Dweklad
My army continues it backwards shuffle. My Grudge Thrower kills one Irongut, and the cannon fires at the leadbelchers. The wounded leadbelcher swallows the cannonball and sits down to begin digesting it, leaving the rest of his unit to carry on fighting (the cannon only dealt one wound, so we figured that was as good an explanation as any). In a game of oneupsmanship, my right Thunderers shoot the maneaters and kill one of them. Scoffing at the already impressive showing from their brothers, my leftmost Thunderers fire at the bulls and kill enough to force a panic test, which they fail.

Turn 2 – Ogres
His Maneaters charge into my Longbeards while the rest of his army advances. The bulls regroup, but are far back from the fight. His magic sees flaming sword cast with irresistible force on his Leadbelchers, and the miscast kills an Irongut. His cannon missed my Grudge Thrower, but his Leadbelchers kill six thunderers. In combat his Maneaters cleave through the Longbeards, but true to form the grim Dawi finish a wounded Ogre and kill another, leaving my five longbeards steadfast in the face of his two Ogres.

Turn 3 – Clan Dweklad
My Slayers fail their charge against the Ironguts. My Warriors charge into the flank of the Maneaters. My depleted Thunderers decide to charge his Gnoblar, though two fall to their beartraps. My Grudge Thrower misfires again, and my cannon kills an Irongut. In combat the Maneaters kill three Longbeards, then are reduced to one Ogre and are run down. On the right, my Thunderers beat the Gnoblar, but they hold.

Up close they were awful creatures, and the ones currently laying in to the Longbeards were doubly so. Steeling himself like only a Dwarf can, Borri bellowed “Once by Iron!” Taking up the warcry, his younger brother Ehrisk shouted “Twice by Rune!” Surging forward the entire host of warriors finished the chant “Thrice by Hounour!” Caught by surprise, the Ogres were dragged down and dismembered. Hearing the warcry, the Thunderers charged the wretched goblin creatures. It was not what Borri would have ordered, but he admired their bravery. He just hoped they hadn’t replaced their axes with flasks like last time.

Turn 3 – Ogres
His Ironguts charge the Slayers. The Gnoblar and Bulls advance, while the Leadbelchers and Ironblaster shift slightly. His magic is ineffective. His cannon kills a few warriors and his Leadbelchers finish off the Longbeards. In combat the slayers and Ironguts trade blows, killing several Ogres and a bunch of slayers. The Gnoblar and Thunderers draw combat.

Turn 4 – Clan Dweklad
I shift around some, moving my warriors towards the right flank for when the Slayers Inevitably lose that combat. My Thunderers and cannon kill enough of the Bulls to force another panic test and they flee up the cliff that is the edge of the table. My Grudge thrower takes 3 wounds off his Ironblaster. In combat, my Thunderers beat the Gnoblar and pursue into the Leadbelchers meaning they won’t be able to fire next turn. My slayers kill more Ironguts and are reduced down to just the Daemon Slayer.

Turn 4 – Ogres
He positions his cannon and his rightmost Gnoblar move up right into my Thunderer’s face, screaming insults. Unfortunately for him, his throwing weapons were all looted ale bottles, which my Dwarfs simply plucked from the air and began drinking. Silly Gnoblar. His cannon finally kills my Grudge Thrower. In combat his Leadbelchers slaughter my Thunderers, and my Daemon Slayer is bludgeoned unconscious and stuffed into a the Tyrant’s pack for a meal later, but not before my Slayer kills all the Ironguts except for the champion.

Turn 5 – Clan Dweklad
My warriors move to threaten the Leadbelchers, and my leftmost Thunderers charge the Gnoblar, but lose 8(!!!!) to difficult terrain. Obviously those Thunderers were more interested in the ale bottles than killing Gnoblar. My cannon targets the Tyrant and deals 6 wounds, obliterating him from the neck up. Keeping the theme, his unit fails their panic test and flees. My Thunderers draw combat with the Gnoblar, losing 2 each.

Turn 5 – Ogres
His Firebelly, BSB and Ironguy Champion need double 1s to regroup because the Champion is still alive, so the unit counts as below 25%. They fail. His Leadbelchers shoot my warriors and whiff badly. His Ironblaster shot falls just short of my cannon. My Thunderers run down his Gnoblar.

Turn 6 – Clan Dweklad
My Thunderers fail to wound his cannon. I shoot my cannon at his Irongut champion, trying to claim those nearly 500 VP for the squad, but fail to wound.

Turn 6 – Ogres
He fails to regroup. His cannon kills one crew off of my cannon. His Leadbelchers smartly realize that they will not kill the Warriors, and go for a long shot. On 7+ they shoot at the 6 Thunderers hoping to kill two and have them fail panic and flee the board, but sadly his rolls go a bit below average and none die.

And the game ends. We tally it up and before extras he had 1236 left on the table and I had 1235. Still, I killed his general and took A standard, so I won the game by a fair margin. Considering almost 900 of those VPs were fleeing off the table, basically unable to regroup, it seemed like a resounding victory.

Borri stood atop the stone altar near the bottom of the pass watching the Ogri retreat. He nudged the corpse of the ogre laying on the altar. He had twisted horribly with unnatural mutations, sprouting feathers and tentacles as he raised his voice to dark gods. Luckily his comrades had cut him down, but the presence of such power so near the market did not sit well with Borri. He shouted again to the engineers who were rigging the demolition charges on the altar. “Some quiet please.” Aldus Ironflame looked up and tugged on his long grey beard in annoyance. “These rune of binding are not simple. If they are not laid perfectly, the powers of the dark gods will spill forth when your foolhardy explosion blows this rock sky high. So if you don’t mind, I’d like some quiet.” Aldus paused for a second, then added “M’Lord.” Borri nodded to him and made his way off the altar.

Priests of Valaya were tending to the wounded, and the dead were being carried away. Casualties were less than expected, though many of the slayers had met their deaths. Thurn was still dragging himself from under the corpse of the biggest ogre, partially entangled in the straps of the creature’s pack. Walking over to him, Borri smirked. “I see you were bagged like a rabbit brother.” “Just distracting him so the cannon could line up a shot, my dear brother.” Getting his axe free, Thurn sliced the last of the straps and pulled himself free. “Well fought Prince Dweklad. I doubt they will test this pass again.” “Yes, especially when they spread tale of the crafty Lord Slayer who distracted their leader by letting himself be stuffed in a sack.” Thurns eyes flashed. “Then it would be a shame if they were to be encouraged by the tale of the Prince who foolishly mocked the Lord Slayer only minutes after he had been stuffed into a sack full of half-rotted meat.” Borri guffawed. “Well played brother. Now let us go see if that ale the Thunderers found is any good. After that we can let the merchants out of the tower and record the grudges for our fallen.”

As the sun set on Mingol Urbar the market echoed with the sounds of celebration. Bretons and Dwarves drank and feasted. Out farther down the pass, a pyre burned the corpses of the fallen Ogres. To finish the evening, the engineers detonated the stone altar. The explosion was huge, and magic tore forth from it in coruscating beams, but the Runes of Binding did their job, and Aldus Ironflame breathed a sigh of relief as the explostion died leaving just a crater where the altar once stood. Aldus walked the crowd to make sure none of the revelers had been magically transformed or enthralled, then, satisfied with his work, he slept. Borri sat amidst the revels, trying to remember the name of that Knight. “Still have to pay that bastard back,” he muttered into his mug. “Just what I needed, a trip into Bretonnia.”