View Full Version : 2500 Point Comp'd Tournament List

29-06-2012, 19:28
Hello Everyone,

I am going to a large comp'd Tournament where your composition rating will seed you in your match ups.

I am looking to build a flexible agressive list.

Let me know your thoughts and recomendations on this list.

Ideas Behind List

- Multiple Strong Combat units
- Too many strong units to damage before Hits lines
- Catapult and Casket to deal with Monsters
- Ruby Ring to shoot small fast units and etheral
- Have two Nehek Signature Spells so hopefully get Desert Wind Off
- Very Mobile List
- Has 6 Fortitude Points for Blood and Glory

(UNIT/Character Organization)

Tomb Guard Unit
- Movement 5
- Has Hierophant for Regen Save
- Tomb Prince General
- Necrotect For Hatred
- In Horde - standard death star

- Lvl 2 Liche Priest- Ruby Ring target will likely be same as unit.
- Lvl close to rest of army to get desert wind off

- Tomb Prince has 3+ save, MWBD WS 5 for chariots, 6+ ward vs warmachines

Army List

Liche High Priest
- Level 4 Nehekara (Taking Signature)
- Dispel Scroll
- Talisman Preservation

Tomb Prince (General)
- Great Weapon
- Armour of Silvered Steel
- Dragonbane Gem

Tomb Prince
- Chariot
- Spear
- Enchanted Shield
- Ironcurse Icon

Liche Priest
- Level 2 Nehekara (Signature and with Luck Skullstorm)
- Ruby Ring of ruin

- Charmed Shield

19 Skeleton Archers (Liche Priest)
- Standard

6 Chariots (Tomb Prince)
- Champion
- Standard (Banner of Eternal Flame)

35 Skeleton Warriors (Bus Formation
- Shields
- Standard

27 Halberd Tomb Guard - (General, Hierophant, Necrotect)
- Champion
- Musician
- Standard (Banner of Swiftness)

4 Necropolis Knights
- Champion

Necrolith Colossus
- Extra hand weapon

Screaming Skull Catapult

Casket of Souls