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30-06-2012, 02:03
Lord Sorcerer- LvL 4, Charmed shield, spell familiar, talisman of preservation, crown of command, lore of shadow, conjoined homunculus =390

Exalted hero- MoT, BSB, Dragon Helm, Talisman of endurance, biting blade, ironcurse icon, shield, Soporifis Musk =220

Sorcerer- LvL 2, Golden eye of tzeentch, Dispell scroll, third eye of tzeentch, disc of tzeentch =215

Warriors(25) MoT, Shield, banner of discipline, musician, standard bearer =453

Warriors (21) Mot, Shield, Halberd, musician, standard bearer, Banner of Rage =430

Marauders(45) Mot, Shield, Halberd,Light Armour, musician, standard bearer =302

Knights(10) MoT, musician, standard bearer, Blasted Standard =490

Total= 2500

The lord and the BSB will go in the 25 block of warriors. The 21 warrior unit is a 7x3 formation.

Please comment, as this is my 2500 warrior list that i plan to play tournaments with.

30-06-2012, 05:47
Few things I see:
1) Marauders can't take halberds, but they can take GW, which I generally see being run with mark of khorne.
2) I would take infernal puppet instead of spell familiar, offers you some miscast protection as well as ruin the enemy sorcerer's day. I'd also like to see MOT on the lv 4, for the extra +1 to cast and added wardsave. You could drop the conjoined homunculus and get it for no extra points especially since you're relying on him surviving and using his COC to stay stubborn
3) Youíre putting 1063 points in one unit, thatís really asking to be 13th, dwellers, redirected all game, or out killed. MoT warriors are pretty survivable, but wonít be able to dish out the damage they need to justify investing 40% of your army in.

It does look like a solid start though :)