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01-07-2012, 16:25
Hi all, New to the beastmen not the hobby but wanted to join the stone for a while and I'm finally taking the plunge So here it is,

Great bray shaman w/level 4 loreofdeath, hagtree fetish, trollhide and 4+ ward

Bray shaman w/ level 2 loreofshadow, shardof herdstone

Bray shaman w/ level 2 loreofshadow

Bray shaman w/ level 2 loreofwild

Wargor w/ BSB, gnarledhide, heavy armour, shield ,beast banner

30 gor w/ AHW , command

40 ungor w/ command

40 ungor w/ command (in ambush)

Tuskgor chariots X 2

10 ungor raiders w/ halfhorn X 2

5 warhounds w/ poisonec attacks

30 bestigors w/ command, standerd of discipline

6 minotaurs w/ great weapons, sword of striking and command

And that's that guys, i have used some topics made by decker on this forum for inspiration which you may have already noted, I'd like to keep the 3 level 2 together by the stone for its power dice and use miasma to bring the enemys initiative down and use pit of when the times right,I took lore of the wild mainly for bestial surge so I can get my bestigors , minotaurs et. Into combat that slightly quicker, I was thinking of placing the wargor in the bestigor unit for that +1 strength and place the great bray shaman in the gor, the plan with the raiders really is so I have something in the shooting phase, and the warhounds for screening more than anything else.

So any and all feedback is greatly appreciated

01-07-2012, 21:37
Bestial surge is an awful spell and doesnt work the way u think it does. I would drop the gws off the minos, leave em naked to save pts and use left over points on 5 harpys of a razorgor, drop poison from dogs, split ungors into 2x5, your lvl 4 cant have armor so trollhide goes byebye, change lore of wild for beasts for threat of buff and add a second 5 harpys or razorgor with saved points