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Death Korp
02-07-2012, 00:12
Hey all,

Decided to finalise my Vampire Counts list, basically its an army of 3 slow moving units with caster support that are supported by hard hitting fast units on the flanks (BKs w/ Lord, VGs, Varg and TG with dogs supporting). I know that Grave Guard are a better choice, but they'll be added later as they're so damned expensive, and I like living in a capitalist society (well, I don't know really, but this is a wargaming forum, so be gone politics!). The notes, even with my rambling, should give you all an insight in why I chose the units I did. Hopefully, you'll all like the list !
Heres the list:


*Vampire Lord: 538pts
-Lvl 4
-Barded Nightmare
-Heavy Armour
-Sword of Might
-Earthing Rod
-Talisman of Preservation
-Red Fury

Expensive as hell, but a jack of all trades tanking character, who will dish out the pain and look fly whilst doing so in my funky planned conversion. He'll go with the Black Knights to help rack up combat res for them. The Earthing Rod is there to stop Hellhearts/unfortunate events from blowing up nearly a quarter of my army.


*Vampire: 226pts
-Lvl 2
-Heavy Armour
-Seed of Rebirth
-Fear Incarnate
-Aura of Dark Majesty

This Vampire will go with the Skellies with the Screaming Banner, so they have a chance to actually do some damage. Obviously, this character is a one trick pony, as TK, Daemons and other VCs will laugh at her and slap her silly. But when it works, it'll help the Skellies tons to actually do more than attempt to hit something.

*Necromancer: 125pts
-Lvl 2
-Dispel Scroll

A scroll caddy. Nothing special about this guy apart from he's a level 2. He's there to help the Vampire support the infantry blocks, and since most of these units are zombies, it shouldn't be too hard to do. But then again, he could be as useless as he always is.


*50x Skeletons: 305pts
-Full Command
-Screaming Banner

Yeah, Zombies are better. But, I like Skeletons, and the spears look awesome on the models, so they're in. They'll be 5x10, or if I'm feeling lucky/depending on the opponents force, 10x5. These guys will be supported by the Vampire, to help them stand a chance in hitting something/surviving.

*55x Zombies: 175pts
-Standard and Musician

*20 Zombies: 65pts

The best unit in the book. I don't know if I'm joking anymore. Easy to raise, actually useful in this edition, and just plain awesome, Zombies are the best core in the book. The large unit of Zombies is a tarpit, sent to the enemy's hardest unit to die a horrible second death holding them up long enough for the knights in rusting armour and a mental Vampire Lord to eat the unit (and the zombie remains for desert). The smaller unit is a bunker for my Necromancer, so he can hide in at the back of the large zombie unit and support them. An extra banner for Blood and Glory also helps too!

*5x Dire Wolves: 40pts

*5x Dire Wolves: 40pts

The dogs are there to support the flanking units by march blocking and being general annoyances. They are also handy in unveiling hidden menaces like fanatics, assassins and God knows what else.


*3x Varghiests: 138pts

I've never used these guys before, but they look good on paper and have heard good things about them. Some people over rate them in my opinion as being the best thing since sliced white bread, but I'm more of a brown bread man, so...yeah. But I digress. The Varghiests are there to take out any small skirmishing units or suicide into Teclis type characters and take them out. Depends what I'm facing.

*14x Black Knights: 444pts
-Full Command
-Banner of the Barrows

The deathstar unit for my general. Obviously, in most cases Grave Guard are better at killing stuff than these guys, but I like having money to spend on necessities such as bread milk and Carlsberg (soon it'll end up being Co-op French Special Beers...) being a poor student. And it'll break up the monotone task of painting infantry. I can also make a mounted Necromancer out of the spare model, so it can't be too bad.


*Terrorghiest: 225pts

The reason I started this army. The Terrorghiest is an awesome model that deserves to be in any Vampire army. But, having proxied it a few times, its been useful in taking out knights, warmachines and other nasty things my army would struggle with. Its also something that takes shooting attention off my other nasty flying circus monkeys.

*Varghiest: 175pts

This beast-vampire-death-machine will do a similar job to the Varghiests, but he can do it better. He can also support other units that are in deep dog poo. I guess he'd enjoy that of course.

Total: 2496pts