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02-07-2012, 16:49
Hey guys, just switched over to fantasy after playing 40k for the majority of my 20 years; trying to make a VC list that contains models/units that I think are awesome fluff and looks wise, while at the same time being good/not gimped.

Hero: 240 points

Vampire (Attached to ghouls? If that is not a bad choice)
-Level 2
-Red Fury
-Armor of Destiny

Core: 292 points

Zombies x 34

Ghouls x 19 w/ Vampire attached to them

Special: 241

Corpse Cart w/ spear

Hexwraiths x 5



Total = 998

So what do you guys think? My main opponent is going to be ogres, but I still want a list thats fun and viable, even if its not totally tuned to be optimal. Is taking weird numbers for core units bad (32 zombies...19 ghouls instead of 20 so that my vampire will fit into the unit without making the numbers odd), and as much as I love hexwraiths, I'm also debating between black knights instead; for 140 points I could have 5 of them with barding, lances and a champion, and then bump my ghouls up to 20 (but then I dont know if I should attach my vamp to it seeing as how that makes the numbers odd, and I like the concept of having a lone hero doing his own thing but again, I feel like that may be a terrible choice)...and then since I'm new Im not really sure if its a good or terrible idea to take a unit of black knights with NO standard bearer...

02-07-2012, 19:51
1k is a bit difficult for vampires as they rely so much on their characters. Even so, if you want to keep the vampire IŽd probably go with quickblood and a cheap magic weapon. You should also consider that for those points you could have a level 4 necromancer. For those points, you could have those extra ghouls that the unit needs.

The corpse cart, while beeing ok is not the best unit available IMO. Crypt horrors can actually do quite well on these point levels. The terrorgheist can be incredibly powerful if your opponent doesnt bring a ironblaster. Give him a try, otherwise the varghulf is a good alternative that is a bit cheaper too.

02-07-2012, 20:02
How many crypt horrors exactly? I've toyed with the idea of a unit of 3, but most lists I see always seem to bring 5-6 of them; I don't have the funds to buy two boxes of them at the moment : /

02-07-2012, 20:05
Yes, a unit of 5 is pretty affordable, pointwise that is. I understand that you need to use the models you have at hand.

02-07-2012, 21:22
Some thoughts:

This guy's points about the vampire are valid, but your build works. Again, you're not power gaming or entering tournaments, so a lvl 2 is plenty for 1000pts.
And if you're looking for a fun list with which to play your buddies, then 3 horrors is just fine.
Another valid point about the cart. I'd drop it. Do you REALLY need zombies with always strike first?
Hexwraiths are killer in 1000pts. Keep them.
Ghouls aren't great, especially in those numbers. They die pretty fast. For those points you can get like 35 skeletons with full command. Just saying.

All that being said, your head seems to be in the right place. You just have to figure out your playstyle and your/your opponents' level of competetiveness (not sure that's even a word). Most of what's posted here may not even apply to your gaming group (except what they say about Grave Guard... you should think about getting some).

03-07-2012, 01:45
Have you considered the mortis engine instead of a terrorgeist? Its a bit more durable , a bit better in a straight up fight , and people often forget that aside from its (rather useless IMO) offensive aura attack that it also has a banshee scream attack that can be firesd into combat, killed a bloodthirster and a Minotaur hero with it the other night. With conservative use of power dice you can also use the Tome to boost your magic phase considerably.
Hexwraiths are supremely awesome, I never leave home without them, they perform just about every role at one time or another apart from thier spectral hunters attack which i've managed once.