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02-07-2012, 21:18
So now that we can add a second army to the field, who do you think will be either the best, or at least, the most popular Ally starting out?

- Imperial Guard: Blokes can ally to almost anyone, and have a lot of Skyfire!
- Space Wolves: One of the best "normal" Marines.
- Grey Knights: Draigo on standby...
- Dark Eldar: Fast Poison on request.
- Chaos Daemons: Bring on Hell!
- Tau Empire: For the Greater... What?
- Zerg: Bugs for the Bug God!?
- Beer and Pretzels: Who needs allies? I have beer!
- Pie: AA doesn't let me have beer.

02-07-2012, 21:22
best and most popular seam to contradict one another

02-07-2012, 21:22
To be fair - any time I have played a multi-player game with my Tau it has synergised really well. I reckon Tau have to be up there.

02-07-2012, 21:27
Beer and Pretzels and Grey Knights~

Stormtrooper Clark
02-07-2012, 21:41
Imperial Guard for mobs and air cavalry.
Grey Knights for... Grey Knights.

02-07-2012, 21:48
Most popular fluff-wise: Guard. They're the basic human beings and can be included in various ways:

*Traitor Guard (platoons)
*Cultists (penal legion)
*Adeptus Arbites (veterans)
*PDF of a Space Marine homeworld
*Imperial Army (in a Pre-Heresy force)
*Frateris Militia
*Xenophiles (like the Diggas)
*Chapter Equerries

02-07-2012, 21:57

The best psychers in the game?