View Full Version : New building rules, your thoughts?

03-07-2012, 14:37
Sooo, what do people think of the new building rules?
I hope to try them out soon, and they seem to really make grenades more worthwhile. The grenade upgrade for orks became much more worth it now for example. A bunch of boys assaulting a building will have a really hard time without grenades, but will probably butcher the occupants quickly by shoving grenades into the firepoints! Brutal and I love it.

Nids might have a hard time with intact buildings and bunkers unless they bring a Carnifex or two, but all in all I can imagine they will work well enough. A carnifex could potentially flatten a building to the ground on the charge, including most of the occupants!
Gonna need to make lots of counters for all the new things like Soul Blaze, lowered AV on buildings, blind and so on. I am however a bit worried about those armies that don't have access to much anti-tank weapons and offensive grenades. A few intact buildings might unbalance games with such armies. As exiting a building follow the rules for disembarking from vehicles, it seems like you can't assault from a building which might possibly make them hard to use.

40k has always had a hard time with useful building rules, either they are too good to be in, or it's better to be outside them (like in 3ed-5ed), but this time I think they have gotten the rules about right. At least better than before.
I know that generally in 40k, being inside a building severely reduces your firepower, makes you easy to stun (like in planet strike. I don't think I ever had a unit that deployed inside a building being able to shoot first turn), and don't really improve your resilience as the reduced effectiveness of anti-infantry firepower was more than compensated by the ability of a single lascannon to easily shut down or hurt an entire squad.

I'm really looking forward to getting some games in! What are your thoughts? Will you be trying these rules out, or just use ruins and normal area terrain (which gives +2 to cover saves if you Go to Ground! 3+ cover saves in woods, and the base of ruins count as area terrain. 2+ Go to Ground cover saves on the ground floor of ruins!)

03-07-2012, 14:55
Haven't had a chance for a game yet, but they sound cool. Just slightly confused why you can't lob grenades into vehicle firepoints that way (even if it's made slightly harder).