View Full Version : Which army to do for 6th ed.

world in grey
04-07-2012, 11:57
Up until now I have only really been a modeller not a gamer, I have large numbers of unbuilt models sitting waiting. With the release of 6th ed I decided it was time to actually build an army and learn the game so I was wondering which army would be a good one to start with in the new edition?

I have enough models to make 1500pts of the following races which one do you think I should build to learn 6th ed.

Orks (including 3 bommerz)
Space wolves
Blood angels
Grey knights
Dark eldar
Space marines (with a small guard detachment)

04-07-2012, 12:08
I'm finding Necrons strong opponents right now, more so as the snap fire rule works so well with thier gauss and tesla weapons. The new rules for glances versus hull points really favour the Necrons against vehicle armies, whereas the extra hits from tesla based weapons not only help mow down basic infantry (guard, Tyranids ), but the extra hits I've been suffering with my marines is simply overwhelming my power armour with saving throws to make. All in all, the Necrons (who were probably designed with 6th edition in mind anyway) suffer the least and gain the most from the new edition.

04-07-2012, 12:17
Agreed. Necrons are shaping up to be the powerhouse of 6th. After more time to play we'll see, but on paper they look the best.

04-07-2012, 12:34
I doubt that Necrons will keep their place in the sun for long. Xenos hardly ever do. Remember how everybody **** their pants over Ork Biker Nobz when their codex and 5th edition were young?
Necrons themselves where one of those feared enemies for a short while in 4th edition, when the "15 Destructor + 2 Monoliths" lists seemed overpowered.

world in grey
04-07-2012, 13:09
Ok so necrons are looking good then, but do I have to load my immortals into night scythes and and add a doom scythe to be able to keep up with the fliers that are going to be everywhere?

04-07-2012, 13:20
Get 3 bombers, some trukks converted with more bombers (jets on wheels) and do Deff skwadron theme and you are my new hero.
And only REAL men play with Tyranids! (...I don't, I simply don't have the gonads to handle the swarm)

The couple of games I have played with Necrons were a blast.