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05-07-2012, 00:10
Hi Guys / Girls,

All the buzz and excitement around the new 40K is making me consider starting it again. I'm thinking about waiting for the starter box that I assume will be released in a few months, although that would depend on the armies in said box. My question is, what army should I pick?

I haven't played 40K since 2nd Ed, where my main army was a Khorne-Nurgle CSM combo, and I started putting together a small Sisters army after the Codex came out, although I've probably misplaced most of those models since. I could re-start with my CSMs, but a part of me feels I'd be better off with a fresh start, and a completely new army.

In Fantasy, I play OnG, but I don't want to use them for 40K. I think at the moment, I'm torn between restarting the Sisters, or going for Tyranids. The lack of a proper army book for Sisters is putting me off, although I am quite keen on the idea of having them with a small allied force of Eldar, with a fluffy setup of the Sister's religious devotion being manipulated by the Eldar for their own ends. On the other hand, I quite like the idea of munching the galaxy with some gribbly aliens. In the fullness of time, if I find myself enjoying 40k, I might pursue both ideas, but for now I'm just thinking about getting started with one of them. Does anybody have any suggestions / tips?

I'm more of a fluff-player than a competative type, although I would like at least a fighting chance. Thanks in advance for any advice offered.

05-07-2012, 00:18
Chaos is pretty much confirmed to be one of the armies in the box, and they're due for a codex update relatively soon (within the next year, easily). The other army in the box is apparently Dark Angels, who you could probably chaos-ify with a little bit of work. I'd say that your best option is to have a root around for your old Chaos stuff, take it down to your local gaming place, and get a few games in with them to get you back into the flow of the game without any unnecessary outlay on models. Then make a decision on where to go from there :) If you like the shooty aspect of the game more, take Eldar/Sisters, and if you prefer the in-your-face combat aspect, gribblies are ones for you.

05-07-2012, 11:29
Tyranids can't ally with anyone without house rules, which would be a huge deterrent for me.

Also, a lot of Tyranid players quit frustrated during 5th and the verdict is still out whether 6th made Tyranids better or even worse...

05-07-2012, 16:49
The battle box is supposed to be due in Sept - Rumoured contents -
Chaos -
5 Possesed
10 to 20 cultists

Dark Angels -
5 Deathwing
Terminator Captain
10 Space Marines
3 Jetbikes???

Codex releases may be Dark Angel - Chaos Renegades - Eldar in that ordee

The sisters of battle list in white dwarf works well but as a work in progress it has its limitations but a a sisters player I have won my last 2 tournys with them (1 at GW HQ) using the new list, Nids are still great, you can have a nidzilla army -
up to 9 Fexes, Trygons etc and Tervigons as troups and HQ, ttry for a laugh 5 tervigons in your army (15d6 worth of termagaunts) and see how your opponent reacts to that, or just take a winged tyrant as a closecombat monsted, charge the closest independant charactor and at a hugh initive attack the unit, with the IC being the only one in base to base contact he will either take all of the damage or have a 4+ look out sir role and if you take boneswords you will have a good chance of instant deathing him.

05-07-2012, 17:01
Chaos being in line for a new book soon, they may be a good choice. I have packed my nids into to the closet, since there have been only a few builds (that i did not enjoy running) that were competetive in 5th, though I have not tried them in 6th yet. That being said, they can't ally, so at the very least they have the most limited list-building choices of anyone, in a game where most victories are won in the list-building phase.
But if you are into it for the fluff the obvious answer is to get whichever army you like best.

05-07-2012, 21:21
Cheers guys. I think I might take panic_puppet's advice and dust off my old CSM army, use that to get myself familiar with the new rules, then use it while I decide which of my two options I want to run with. I don't really wanna use CSM long-term, but hopefully they'll do to re-learn on.