View Full Version : Want An Eldar Blog?

05-07-2012, 14:45
Hi guys, I've decided I don't want to blog about 40K anymore.
I wondered if anyone would like a brand new Eldar blog?
I've set up http://eldar-craftworld.blogspot.com
It has 101 followers and also comes with a facebook group that has 34 followers.

Would anyone like it?
Thought I'd offer it up to the community rather than just delete.

I know this isn't the selling area of the site. However, I'm asking 20 for it so that it goes to someone who is actually going to do something with it instead of a kid who goes "ooh, me! Me me me!" and trashes it.

So...any takers?

I will also provide technical support as needed to get it up and runnning for you.