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06-07-2012, 08:19
Hi Guys, I had some Isengard troops banging around and heaps more ordered from Trademe, so I thought SAGA might be a good way to get some use out of them. Below is my 'theory' for an Isengard board, if anyone else wants to use it. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ye5AnJ0blTo/T_aIcrz_ksI/AAAAAAAACnw/7clDWkIaV20/s1600/Isengard%2Bbattleboardsmaller.jpg
I've kept the troop classifications pretty simple. Basically the only 'new' unit is the Troll, since I have the model and am fond of it.

Elite Uruk Hai: 1pt for four. These may be Elite Uruks (two attacks, Armour 5) or Berserkers (armour 3, 3 attacks).

Uruk Hai: 1pt for eight. Either Warriors (one attack, armour 4) or Uruk Pikemen (Always move S, Pikes prevent enemy mounted units using battleboard abilities). Or up to one unit of eight may be Uruk Crossbowmen (one attack, crossbow -1 enemy armour, armour 3 vs shooting).

Orcs: 1pt for twelve. May be equipped with bow (armour 3) or with shield and spear (armour 4, 1 attack per 2 models in melee)

Up to one Troll: 1pt. Counts as mounted (move L), armour 5, ignores first unsaved hit and each further failed save causes a wound on the great beast. A troll must be wounded three times to be felled. It has four attacks and causes -1 to enemy armour due to its great strength.

Wargs: 1pt per eight: Mounted, armour 3 vs shooting. Elite Wargs: 1pt per four: Mounted, armour 4 vs shooting, two attacks per model.



06-07-2012, 19:33
What is that?

06-07-2012, 21:46
Hi Fracas, it's a Dark Ages Skirmish game by Gripping Beast. My kids gave it to me for Christmas and a lot of the locals find it quite fun. So I've taken to porting it over to other periods rather than buying completely new sets of rules for each. I posted my first experiences with the game here: http://roughwotr.blogspot.co.nz/2011/12/saga-of-ragnar-hairy-pants.html

A whole lot of guys that haven't been doing LOTR gaming are now suddenly keen, since we will be using the SAGA rules.

Whitwort Stormbringer
07-07-2012, 05:27
Interesting idea! I've never played SAGA (though I want to), so I can't comment on the battle board or points values, but based on what I know of the SAGA rules I do like the idea. Seems like a nice in-between from SBG to WotR. If you do more faction conversions, please continue to post! When I eventually get the SAGA book, I'd love to give it a spin with LotR minis in addition to Dark Ages.

07-07-2012, 12:09
Thanks for the info and link

Etienne de Beaugard
08-07-2012, 00:32
I know its tangential to the thread, but could you provide a comparison of the difference in mechanics and play style between SAGA and LotR:SBG. I've been using a modified version of SBG for Dark Ages skirmish games and would like to know of SAGA presents any significant advantages.

09-07-2012, 08:16
Hi Etienne de Beaugard, I'm sorry but I am not much good to you in terms of a straight comparison with SBG. I am only a little familiar with that game.

Next up for development, this week, is an Elven board - based on the Jomsviking board.

15-07-2012, 05:19
Not as pretty as the proper SAGA battleboard but I didn't think it looks quite right for Elves?

This list models the Elven forces from Peter Jackson's movies so is intended to cover the Battles of the Last Alliance, the forces of Rivendell, and the forces of Lothlorien, including those who were at Helm's Deep. To reflect the scarce numbers of Elves in Middle Earth, most of the force will be composed of Eldar (Hearthguard in SAGA terms) and only up to two points may be spent on Avari (Warriors in SAGA terms) for every six points (or part thereof) in the warband. Elves have nothing like levies.

Any Elven foot troops may be equipped with bows, which then gives them -1 armour vs shooting.
Elven troops may be fielded mounted, giving them -1 armour vs enemy shooting but a move of L.
Elven troops may have Elven Cloaks. If so, they have -1 armour vs melee and shooting (but if armed with bow are not further penalised, ie still -1 vs melee and shooting). The cloak means they cannot be shot beyond M range.

Full posting here: http://roughwotr.blogspot.co.nz/2012/07/saga-lotr-elves.html#more

The Devourer
15-07-2012, 16:21
They look interesting. I really like the idea of playing LoTR with saga, the game sizes fit very well.

22-07-2012, 02:17
Cheers Devourer. I did see a blog post from someone who basically just used his LOTR figs and the usual SAGA boards and got a pretty cool looking game out of it. The Dark Ages combat vibe suits Tolkien perfectly.


Minas Tirith Forces:
Your Warlord is a Captain of Gondor.
Your force may be composed of Elite or Veteran troops (Hearthguard) or Regular Warriors but (a small band of men from Anfalas, aside) the Armies of Minas Tirith do not generally feature levies.

Guards of the Fountain Court: (1pt per 4) Armour 5, 2 attacks, -1 enemy armour, move S
(up to one unit per full six points only)
Guards of the Citadel: (1pt per 4) Armour 5, 2 attacks.
Veteran Axemen of Lossarnach: (1pt per 4) Armour 4, 2 attacks, -1 enemy armour.
Knights / Swan Knights: (1pt per 4) Armour 5 (4 vs shooting), 2 attacks, Move L. Mounted.

Warriors of Minas Tirith: (1pt per 8 ) Armour 4, 1 attack. May swap shields for bows (-1 armour vs shooting). Most Fiefdom troops can also be represented by these.
Minas Tirith Cavalry: (1pt per 8 ) Armour 4 (3 vs shooting), 1 attack, Move L. Mounted.
Axemen of Lossarnach: (1pt per 8 ) Armour 4, 2 attacks, -1 enemy armour.
Rangers: (1pt per 8 ) Armour 4 (3 vs shooting), bows.


Full posting here: http://roughwotr.blogspot.co.nz/2012/07/saga-lotr-minas-tirith.html#more