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06-07-2012, 16:15
Me and my friends have been playing a 500 point league, using the same army list each time. Today my High Elf force faced my friend's Brettonians.

High Elves: 15 Spearmen with a banner and musician, 10 swordmasters with banner (Lion standard) and musician, an eagle, and a level 1 mage with silverwand + lore of light

Brettonians: 10 archers, a trebuchet and 10 knights of the realm, lead by a Paladin.

Turn 1

For Spells, the High Elf mage rolled Banishment, and I swapped Pha's protection for Shem's Burning Gaze.
The High Elves took turn 1 because the Brettonians decided to pray. I marched my spearmen (with mage) up the center, and marched my eagle 20" up the right flank, covered by terrain from the archers LoS. The Swordmasters advanced slowly up the opposite flank, finishing their turn behind a hill and hoping to outflank the knights later on. Banishment was dispelled, but SBG was cast on the archers, killing two, unfortunately not enough for a panic test.

The Knights advanced down the center of the board, this concluded the Bret movement phase. The trebuchet scored a direct hi against my spearmen, causing a S5 hit against all of them and my mage. The mage and 5 spearmen survived, I passed the panic test.

Turn 2

The eagle again used a flying march, this time landing behind the archers, facing the trebuchet. The Swordmasters moved over the hill and finished out of the Knights' LoS, ready for a flank charge. The Mage departed the doomed unit of Spearmen and moved out of the Knights' LoS. Banishment was again dispelled in the magic phase, but this time the mage managed to panic the archers with SBG.

Knights charged the 5 spearmen and bret archers failed to rally and fled the battle. The trebuchet scored a direct hit (again!) against my swordmasters, killing 8/10. They passed their panic test. The spearmen were wiped out in combat. At this point I confess I had a bit of a tantrum about how overpowered the trebuchet seemed to be, but pulled myself together and decided I was going to go for points denial.

Turn 3

Eagle charged Trebuchet, swordmasters moved behind a hill and the mage moved out of the reformed Knights' LoS. My Mage slew two knights with banishment in the magic phase. The Eagle destroyed the trebuchet.

Ironically, after annihilating the HE combat strength, things were now looking bad for the brets. He focused his movement phase on marching the paladin out of the kngihts and re-positioned both units in an attempt to ensnare my lone mage.

Turn 4

I relocate the mage out of both the paladin's and the Knights' LoS. the eagle also flies closer, the swordmasters remain behind the hill. the mage slays a further 3 knights in the magic phase, scoring 11 hits with Banishment and 5 with SBG.

Now it is the bret player's turn to have a tantrum. Understandably, his seemingly strong position is now completely hopeless. He cannot catch my mage and the swordmasters could run round and round the hill ad infinitum. He decides to try a bit of points denial of his own, and marches his five remaining knights past my eagle. The paladin marches to the top of the hill the swordmasters are hiding behind, in an attempt to catch them.

Turn 5

The mage moves into position to have LoS of both Paladin and Knights, the eagle stays put and the swordmasters march around the hill, out of Los of the Paladin. 3 more knights are killed with magic.

The Knights continue to march away from the mage, hoping for points denial. The paladin again re-positions to charge the two swordmasters next turn.

Turn 6

The swordmasters stay put. Mage does 1 wound to the paladin with SBG, leaving him on 1 wound.

Exasperated bret player charges Paladin into two swordmasters. Swordmasters slew him before he could fight back. Game ended with all HE units on the board except the 15 spearmen, and Brets annihilated other than 2 knights.

A part of me wanted to throw in the towel after turn 2, but through points denial and careful maneuvering I was able to prevent the 10 Knights of the Realm (a 'deathstar' in a 500 point game!) from ever being in combat with me and whittle them down with magic. My decision to take a mage with silver wand for the league instead of a noble definitely paid off.

I was accused of bad sportsmanship for moaning about the trebuchet, but its damn hard to stay cheerful when your army is annihilated and there is nothing you can do about it. I'm still calling OP on the trebuchet in a 500 point game like that, but after the trebuchet fell the game really fell apart fr the bret player.

Leaves me on 2-1 after the first round of matches, and in second place overall!

09-07-2012, 23:53
Great job! Keep it!

17-07-2012, 00:20
Good job, that treb got very lucky with its direct hits and you did well to not give up. In future try using a different lore (like high magic) to get some ward saves or regen or higher toughness on your units for protection.
Thanks for the report.