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07-07-2012, 16:12
Hello Everyone,

I was reading a post in general about mono nurgle armies, and someone stated that in close combat the -WS only applies when the opponent rolls to hit. Is this correct?? I have always played it as -1WS while in base contact for attack and defense. SO for instance against a WS5 opponent the Nurgle Chaos Warrior will be hit on a 4+ but will hit on a 3+ due to the -WS penalty. Have I been doing this wrong??


07-07-2012, 16:31
Yeah. You need to look up the WoC rules update on GW's website in order to get the full errata for the book, but that's basically it; the Mark is purely defensive now.

07-07-2012, 18:58
Yup, I was corrected in that mono-Nurgle thread, the relevant bit of the FAQ for Warriors of Chaos is this :

Page 110 The Mark of Nurgle
Change the second paragraph to A model with the Mark of Nurgle is difficult to target. Ranged attacks that target him are at -1 To Hit. Models that target him in close combat are at -1 WS.

Says nothing about the marked model hitting the enemy himself, so we have to assume it's defense-only.

Still good, mind ye.

07-07-2012, 19:34
It is good, and a little bit of a pain to play against, but logically it makes sense to only have it defensively. Nurgle warriors (I always imagine them in the mould of Tamurkhan) would be surrounded by a miasma of flies, insects, slime etc... and would be difficult to get purchase one but not sure that would necessarily make them quicker and easier to penetrate enemy defenses (although let's be honest Chaos Warriors are pretty damn good at hitting anyway).