View Full Version : Who can identify this soldier's helmet from 1953?

Super Mario
08-07-2012, 16:05
I found this helmet several years ago in a barn in france. It's been knocking around ever since. Up until now I've not really known much about it. The date inside says 1953 and the name 'Marseille' is printed inside.

It looks like a US GI helmet, but I don't think it is. Any Warseers able to offer more info?

And yes, I photographed it on a gaming table. What of it? :-|


08-07-2012, 16:17
I believe it's a French Steel pot helmet.

If you Google that phrase under images there's 3 pictures that look suspiciously the same as yours...

Super Mario
08-07-2012, 16:51
That's great. Thanks, Crube. This one even has similar dents in the same places. The trim on mine is bare metal instead of the painted green of this one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/French-Steel-Pot-Army-Helmet-1953-M-AM-OU-Marseilles-Indochina-War-era-Vietnam-/221034478270