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08-07-2012, 18:05
long story short, do i want flamers now? like, if i ran chimera vets with meltas, do i want a flamer in each squad? my gut feeling is the are very good now...

08-07-2012, 18:44
I've been running a Heavy Flamer in my assault slanted Vet Squads (I have two flavours as standard, Assaulty and Shooty) for a little while now, it does quite well.

I was impressed when I read that Flamers can shoot in overwatch and as one of my more regular opponents is fond of small squads of things like Wyches, the chance to deprive them of D3 members of his squad before they hit me in combat (on top of any other hits the squad causes) has made it really worthwhile having them. Worth losing a Melta and costing 10 points more. But I suspect that other players will have different experience, I don't think they'll do anything to save me if a Mob of 30 boys thunders in.

Khornies & milk
08-07-2012, 23:10
Having some Flamers is likely a good idea, although they are on the Chimera. No way I'd spend points on a HF when I can get 3 standard Flamers for less points.

I run a Hybrid list so I have PCS's with 4 of them, so I don't need to have them on Vets which is great imo, because I prefer to give them Melta and Plasma guns only.

But as with most choices in 40K, try it out and see if it suits your style and is effective against your regular opponents or not.

09-07-2012, 08:15
i think the Heavy Flamer for the grunts is just re-donk-ulous... but a normal flamer seems like a good investment against weaker assault based armies...

i dont play a leafblower (far from it) but i DO fancy a maybe platoon HQ squad out in the middle with four flamers being all like "come at me bro"

thanks for the replies

Chief Librarian Zypher
09-07-2012, 19:42
yes. flamers + overwatch = less models assaulting you, even less if they don't have the armor for the flamer (ap vs. sv)

Cantina Fly
09-07-2012, 23:54
long story short, do i want flamers now? like, if i ran chimera vets with meltas, do i want a flamer in each squad? my gut feeling is the are very good now...

They are still 10 IG. One flamer won't do much (if anything) to save them from CC death. Why reduce their anti-armor effectiveness? What I might do is change a melta to a plas to give an extra shot when you're taking out light armor or MEQ units (normal shooting mind you, not OW.) If you're going to go flamer, go all the way. Make your opponent really decide if he wants to charge that unit.

If he decides not to, make him pay. You can measure anything you want now. A flamer template is 8" + 6" move means you can position each of those flamers for maximum coverage. :cool:

10-07-2012, 02:18
melta's and plasma is still the best choice I believe, flamers are a waste of the Vet's BS4, if you want flamers in a chimera stick your PCS in a chimera with 4 flamers. Just remember you can't snap fire template weapons :(

10-07-2012, 09:53
grenade launchers can be worth it too then- snap fire a krak grenade? cool

i can see the synergy of two meltas, 8 shotguns, 2 bolt pistols and a flamer, for what 99pts? tanks are afraid, assaults are sort of viable, not the worst experience being charged. i think that is my new unit... all kinds of nasty

10-07-2012, 11:01
Sacrificial SWS with 3 Flamers might work a bit better.

RE; the loss of Vets BS with flamers, snap shooting makes no odds as it would be at BS1 and the flamers don't use that, they just inflict D3 wounds

10-07-2012, 13:49
I agree. The extra hits from the template far outway the BS4 'loss'. And the heavy flamer on infantry isn't so bad a choice when you're up against eldar, scout marines and other carapace wearing troopers.