View Full Version : 2500 OnG - making Arachnarok and Wyvern work

08-07-2012, 17:24

Orc Warboss --> if there are cannons, hides behind terrain first turn if possible, if not behind troll screen, 18" ld bubble, targets of opportunity

+1 hit sword
armor of destiny
other trickster shard

Savage Orc Shaman lvl 4
lucky shrunken head

great weapon
armor of silvered steel
ironcurse icon

Ng lvl 1 shaman--> scroll caddy
dispel scroll

total characters= 822

35x savage orc big uns w/extra choppa--> main combat unit, frontage dependent on terrain, opposing units

40 NG /w shields --> the anvil and bunker for BSB

5xwolf riders

total core= 640


24x Black Orc's--> monster and cav killers, all purpose support unit
banner of eternal flame

5x trolls--> here to screen arachnarok or wyvern from cannons; after that they support

5x Orc Boar boyz --> character assasins, warmachine hunters

total special=695

Arachanrok spider --> cannon bait, try to engage a S3 or 4 ranked unit if it lives or a unit in forest/river/support the main blocks

Mangler squig --> more ranged bait

Doom diver --> a threat to lone characters, heavy cav

Im usually playing WoC, Ogres and Empire, but am trying to find a army that works well against anything. I am aware that cannons are dangerous and can ruin my day, but I am willing to take that risk. Any suggestions, or glaring deficiencies that abound?

I already played a variant of this army, but with a NG shaman. It just didn't feel right, so Im back to the Big Waaagh magic.

09-07-2012, 12:57
Just go all out, 2 war bosses on wyverns, 2 spiders, big unit of wolf riders loaded with characters for core, run at your opponent and see what happens.

Seriously though I'd take the second spider, 2 war bosses (the 1 on foot as general) and a few chariots. If the big stuff is soaking up the cannon balls then the chariots should be getting in. I'd drop the black orcs and boar boys, a boar chariot has more chance of killing a character and wolf riders make better war machine hunters. Although the level 4 is nice I don't think it is vital, more of a lucky head delivery system than anything else.

09-07-2012, 21:01
Its not really in my budget to go for a wyverns and 2 arachnarok, and I would like to play a combined force.

Great idea on dropping the boar boyz. If I move some points around, for the same price I can get a Boar chariot and a wolf chariot, or a boar chariot and another unit of wolf riders. I will surely try this out.

11-07-2012, 11:17
Ive decided to lose a single Savege Orc Big 'Un (brining them down to 34), but will take a boar chariot with a extra crewmember and a wolf chariot.

I think the Boar chariot will make a better assassin then the boar boyz, as it will likely deal its full damage to the wizard; the boar boyz frequently took wounds that they lost their efficiency and dealing with characters on a corner of a unit was a problem. Also the chariot might live through the first combat round, meaning that no pursuit or free reform then charge on is turn for the enemy.