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08-07-2012, 18:42
So my buddy and I had a massive argument phase the other day about charging multiple units.
We ended up reading the whole charging section many times and even asked a 3rd party player to read it and still could not get a definitive result.
So my question to you magnificent gentlemen is, when is it acceptable to charge multiple units with one of yours?
The only thing that we gathered is, if you charge a unit and cannot complete your "closing the door" wheel without hitting another unit you end up charging both... I don't even think that's quite correct either...

Thanks for putting up with these questions guys.

08-07-2012, 20:28
The fact that you were having this argument shows that you (and your buddies) are thinking individuals. ;)

Because this is one of those neat Little issue where GW reps themselves are known to play things differently.

I Think you basically got it right though, as a rule of thumb you can only charge 2 or more units if you can't Close the door properly without connecting with them.

But there are Battle resports in the White Dwarf where Warmachines get dual-charge simply because they 'are aligned' with each other (It's even commented on specifically in the WD article!!) but people just write this off as GW staffers themselves not knowing the rules (rather than assuming that we've all gotten the intent of the rules wrong).

The example with WMs is extra silly since they are effectively ALWAYS aligned to each other since the Charger may Always choose at what angle his charging unit is going to connect with the Warmachine.

I like to play this pretty loosely myself, but my friends are adamant that you can't cherage two units under any circumstance unless there's no way what-so-ever to avoid it - so the enemy units have to be positioned right next to each other, and be perfectly aligned, and your charging unit must be wider that then 'primary' unit you're charging..

Like I said, I would have liked a bit more flexibility there.. Especially for Hordes charging clusters of Warmachines..

08-07-2012, 21:08
Very interesting. I will definitely put this to use, and it should shorten our argument phases hahaha
Thank you very much!

09-07-2012, 10:33
It seems to me that you can declare a charge against a second unit if your best efforts to avoid it while closing the door with the primary target still brings you into contact with it.

If you choose not to declare a charge against the second target then you must rely on the primary target being able to close the door.

If you declare a charge against both targets then the charge move may be resolved quite differently from the "best efforts" made to contact the primary only.

Of course, this must be determined when declaring charges and is not some opportunity that may present itself when moving. :)