View Full Version : Skinwolfs Ogryns... Well Kinda

08-07-2012, 20:34
So i've once again found myself distracted by the next shiny new project. In this case a few werewolf ogryns for my Ordandan Imperial guard regiment.
I had considered using the FW skinwolfs for them and considered my IG a long term project but then i saw a few rat ogres being sold cheaply online and the great god tzeentch whispered in my mind. Now if i was to stick a few wolf heads on those, they would be pretty much were wolves. So the question is which wolf heads would be the right size? The thunderwolfs or the fenrissan ones?

08-07-2012, 23:15
Fenrisian Wolves would be sufficient in my opinion, you're talking about something that doesn't exist in nature (not scientifically documented anyway) but my gut tells me that a head on one of those bodies would be better off a bit on the small side than being too big and thus comically top-heavy. Big shoulders/small head is, at least, in keeping with the overall look of 40k.

I use Rat Ogres as the basis for my Ogryn (8 down, 22 to go), they're a great starting point. If they are actually playing the part of Ogryn in an army, you do need to consider how you're going to represent the Ripper gun though, as there's very little in the Rat Ogre set that'll help.