View Full Version : Help do decide what to leave and what to lock inside a closet

09-07-2012, 07:58
Hi guys. I have big problem with my models - I'm being forced to transfer them to secure location and can only leave one big army. My choices are IG, Nids and DE. I have the 6ed book but don't have the time right now to dabble into specifics so i would like all able generals and people of good will to tell me why i should choose one of the above army as my main tournament force. I rely rely like nids but i heard that IG got the biggest buffs in this edition so i may have to finish my Necromundian 8th ... could anyone provide any insight into what are the strong points of each army in 6ed.

thx ahead

09-07-2012, 08:32
i think the easy answer is bin the bugs and try and squeeze the other two together. longer answer is- for the long term IG are always going to be there or there abouts top tier. but which do YOU like more?