View Full Version : Intrudocing a beginner to warhammer, HE vs Dwarfs Balanced list

09-07-2012, 19:47
Hi!. Getting my friend to play warhammer, played once before with just some singel models each,and this time he wants to play a real battle.

So i decided on 1000p,so it will still be some units but not to large to be confusing. I have a HE and Dwarf army.

So here is the 2 lists, wich will be metting each other. Id like a lookup to see that they are balanced against each other, since he will choose wich one to play.

Dwarf :

15 Warrios + shield + fc 160 p

12 X Thunderers 168 p

10 X Ironbreakers 130 p

10 X Minders 110 p

1 Cannon 100 rune of reloading

2 Bolt Throwers 90

Thane + Shield, + 1 armour, +1 str +1 attack,reroll armour

147 crossbow

Runesmith + Rune of spellbreaking 95

High Elves :

15 Seaguards + fc 220

10 X archers + musician 115 p

5 X shadow Walkers 86 p

5 X Reavers + musician 112 p

10 x swordmasters + fc 180 p

lvl 2 fire mage,silver wand, 145p

6 Silver helms + musician 146 p

Have some eyes on it! The main focus of the game is to have varied units and for it to be fun! But since im not that a long player myself id like them to be as
balanced as possible, while still having variety.

Thanks in advance!

10-07-2012, 11:19
Both are fairly sub optimal lists, which is just fine of course. I think the High Elf player is disadvantaged though. Only decent-ish (S3) shooting and only 1 strong combat unit compared to the pretty good shooting of the dwarfs and 3 pretty substantial combat units.
Not sure how to fix this personally.

10-07-2012, 18:54
Looks like a good battle designed to get someone hooked on the game. Lots of variety and shows off just about all aspects of the game. That said, I agree with all ftayl5's points.

My thoughts:
If he takes HE, just make sure you let him get those SMs into combat. There's nothing as fun as rolling that many dice at once.
For the sake of fun, you might want to drop one of the bolt throwers for the dwarves. That leaves enough shooting to shhow how dwarves are played but not enough to cripple the elves before they get across the table.
Maybe swap the seaguard for more spears? I know you want to keep the unit sizes to a minimum, but those seaguard aren't really going to be able to beat any of the dwarf units. Maybe including one unit of 20 or so spears will help show the importance of ranked units without being gamebreaking.

12-07-2012, 21:10
Thanks for the comments guys.

Yeah i scrapped this list, whent and bought a used battle for skull pass, just gonna add 1 fanatis, 2 more trolls, and then 1 stone thrower for the dwarf