View Full Version : Magical Vortexes and Impassible terrain

09-07-2012, 21:42
Haven't been able to find anything in the rulebook, FAQs, or the forum covering this: can a magical vortex move through impassible terrain, or over obstacles?

My inclination is that a vortex should stop 1 inch away from an impassible object (though units in a building would take D6 hits, as per the rules for template weapons). The only precedent I could see for this (besides the fact that it just feels wrong--i know, not good reasoning for rules) is that cannon balls stop when they hit such terrain. I see no issue with Vortexes going over obstacles, but cannon balls can't, so i guess by my previous reasoning, neither should vortexes.

Alternatively, if they can move over impassible terrain, if they do not have enough movement to clear the terrain, would you pop the vortex out the other side of the terrain, as per moving through units?

Or maybe I just missed this page in the BRB...

09-07-2012, 21:49
I would say, yes it can move over the impassable object. If it ends its movement on the impassable object I would say treat it like it end its movement on a unit and place it 1" beyond it.

09-07-2012, 22:14
There is really nothing stopping you, rules-wise from balancing the vortex template on top of a (or place under) a piece of impassible terrain, waiting for it to move again. The rules for it deals with it not stopping on top of units, it makes no mentioning of terrain.

Only slight oddity from that would be that it behaves differently if it ends up on top of an empty building than it does with an occupied one.