View Full Version : To everyone complaining about Eldar Farseers popping up as allies in a lot of places

09-07-2012, 22:48
... please understand how fluffy the whole concept is! :eek:

Don't assume these Farseers are out there assisting other races when they should be helping their own kind. Far from it!

In truth, they are there to oversee the progress of our minions, our lackeys recruited from a million unwitting worlds to fight our wars for us. Or would you seriously send out fragile Eldar warriors in paper armor as long as there are still Ork Mercenaries and easily manipulated mon-keighs out there to fight and die for us!

Never make the mistake and assume these Farseers are helping the other races, when it is them pulling the strings behind the scenes!:D

09-07-2012, 22:56
Too right, sneaky so-and-so's!

09-07-2012, 23:23
Also remember that runes of warding affect all non-battle brother allies! Because they are treated as enemies roWard will shut down your own spells and microwave your psyker's brains. Iirc that is

09-07-2012, 23:36
Also, if you're bringing an Eldar Farseer plus retinue, you won't be bringing Ork Biker Nobz! And Ork Biker Nobs make pretty much every army awesome! :D

09-07-2012, 23:43
Yeah, you're manipulating me. Keep thinking that...

10-07-2012, 00:13
Well great, now the secret is out...

I guess I'm going to have to stop making mysterious statements about my opponents "playing right into my hands" whenever I lose a game now too

10-07-2012, 00:18
With the exception of Dark Eldar and Tau, I don't see them popping up that much. For Tau and Dark Eldar it's there only chance at having any fate on the psychic chart. Everyone else can't get the effect from spells and it's hardly worth the points of a Farseer and rangers just to get RoWard to make opponents roll 3D6 for their spells. It's not that difficult to roll under 12 on 3D6, and in most cases pass on the 10. There are more powerful allies out there and I'm sure a Space Marine army would prefer to field more Terminators/Tactical marines then deploy such a risky tactic.

10-07-2012, 01:06
I actually think that a Farseer fighting with Tau can be reasonably fluffy. RandomThoughts correctly points out that Eldar will happily maniuplate other races to fight their battles for them.

A Farseer fighting on his own with Dark Eldar is a little...vulnerable. I'm sure it's every Haemonculus' wet dream to experiment with such a specimen. At the very least I'd expect to see him accompanied by his Warlock bodyguard. Of course he is armed with the power of foresight.