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10-07-2012, 07:16
Hey guys, so I'm trying to put together a list to start out with. Probably growing in 250 point increments. I want it to be vaguely Raider/Khaine themed as well lol

I was thinking something like

Master w/ AoD, Halberd (1+ armour and str5 at intiative)

10 Corsairs w/ Standard bearer+Sea Serpent Standard(Frenzy! This is my main hammer, the Master will run with them to take advantage of frenzy and add some higher str attacks to the mass of str 3)

10 Repeter Crossbow Elves w/ Shields+Musician (Main shooting threat)

5 Harpies (redirectors/screeners, probably baby sitting the frenzied corsairs)

5 Shades w/ Additional Hand Weapons (More shooting and able to hunt warmachines/generally cause chaos in the backfield.)

Total: 499

So what do you think? I know it's not uber hard, but will I be able to provide fun games for me and my opponent while having a decent shot at victory? I plan to run only all comers lists so my normal opponents' races don't really matter.


at 750 points I plan to add magic with a sorc(male, renegade of some sort :cool:) and flesh out the corsair unit with some more bodies.

at 1000 points I plan to add some hitting power with a hydra(scary radiers with beasts!) and add another group of harpies to help control the flow of battle.

10-07-2012, 10:33
I think that blue is damn hard to read :p

I think 10 Corsairs is way too few. It's a good offensive unit in a vacuum but in a game, your opponent will likely throw all their shooting and magic their way and the 5(4)+ save is lovely but it'll only take a few wounds to make the unit pretty much unusable.
I'd drop the Masters armour for plain heavy armour and a halberd. This'll save you 20pts, = 2 more corsairs.
Does he need a 2+ save? No. In challenges he'll probably kill the thing he's fighting before it can strike, otherwise a 5+ save is certainly not very good but do you need your master? Again, I say no. You need a general in your army, does he need to survive? Not really, not for Dark Elves who already have very good leadership.

12 is not a great improvement on 10 but it's something, your opponent will have to kill 3 models to drop your rank bonus rather than 1. I'd consider dropping the harpies to make the unit even bigger but you seem to want to play friendly and this would take your list to being quite tough indeed.
Also as I'm guessing you're new to the game (are you?) and Dark Elves this list will serve you well in learning the game and learning how to properly use these units.

Good luck and welcome to Warseer, I hope you have fun with the Druchii.

10-07-2012, 18:17
Good luck and welcome to Warseer, I hope you have fun with the Druchii.

He's been a member of Warseer longer than you!

10-07-2012, 22:03
Lol, I suppose I have. Been a lurker for a looooong time lol. I've never really gotten into the hobby beyond reading about it, though I have plenty of unbuilt/unpainted models lying around from half done armies I've attempted in the past. However, now a bunch of friends are getting into it so I need to stop dilly dallying and get an army up and running so I can start crushing them!

Thanks for your opinion ftayl5, glad you think it's a balanced list that will be good for learning the game. The master is the most annoying part of the list for me. I know i need more corsairs, and at 750 points i plan to up their numbers to 20. The thing is, I am required to take a general, and if I am going to take one(needing to spend atleast 80 points on it) I feel like i need to make it useful. Throwing a master in with the corsairs seemed the best option(adds some sorely needed high str hitting power to my list), and the 1+ save was me protecting my investment, as otherwise he's incredibly squishy. To take full mundane armour on him is 10 points, so i would only gain one corsair by dropping AoD.

Maybe I simply need a different general, but what?

11-07-2012, 02:01
@Moss, oh indeed he is, I just read the post count and assumed he was new haha, Oh well.

Masters are the cheapest generals you can choose from so I would stick to him. Protecting him may or may not be a better investment then protecting his unit, either way this is a pretty nice list. Play test it,if you find you need more bodies get more bodies, if you then find that he dies to a stiff breeze then give him some more protection.