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Johnny KTOU
11-07-2012, 18:37
Hi all, I've started Daemons a while ago with in mind that I could use the models both for 40k and Fantasy. Round bases was the way to go as they're 25mm diameter and the square are 25 wide...

We're having a tournament (a small inhouse one, but still, a tournament) where they want to stick to the rules. My army has been taken out because of the round bases (although I play ALL my units on trays).

My question is: Is there such a rule in the rulebook that forgoes the use of such bases? So far the only thing I've only found about bases was that "if the orientation wasn't obvious I would need to let my opponent know"... Help?

11-07-2012, 18:40
This would depend on the TO. If played on movement trays I don't see a issue, but the front orientation would been to be set.

Bottom line, Depends on your Opponent and the TO.

Johnny KTOU
11-07-2012, 18:43
I'm talking about the rule as it is in the rulebook, not as it is "house ruled".

Ultimate Life Form
11-07-2012, 18:45
Well, a model is to be put "on the base it came with" (BRB). Since Daemons come with round bases, it's not against the rules. It is however clearly obvious that the ones that are supposed to be used for Fantasy is the square ones (or why else would they be there). By the way, isn't it established practice for Daemon armies that go both ways to use the square bases since in 40K it doesn't matter?

Johnny KTOU
11-07-2012, 20:21
The issue with 40k is that you measure from the base, and the area for the square base is bigger, meaning that distances are affected when measuring depending if you measure from the angle or the side, blast templates become less efficient...

Whereas in Fantasy it doesn't matter if everything is modelled on round as long as you are using trays.

11-07-2012, 20:45
There is no rule saying "you can't have round bases...", but there is no one saying "you can" either, and all rules and examples talk about square bases, there are rules concerning corners, etc, and all models shown are so bases. It it 100% clear that square bases is what Warhammer is played with.

But that said, really, it seems silly not to allow round bases in a tray.

What if you placed your round bases on top of square ones? Either actual bases, or just 25mm squares of plastic or card. Painted to match the actual round base, maybe even doing a little texture and flock in the corners where the round base doesn't cover?

For the big thingies in a cross-system use Daemon army, you will have to go the other way around, as stuff that are on a 50mm (don't recall if there are still some on 40mm's?) base in Warhammer are on 60mm bases in 40K, so the permanent base is best square, then build up a flat 60mm round one to fit the square on. Small piece of blu-tac on every base, for holdyness.

Johnny KTOU
12-07-2012, 07:37
What if you placed your round bases on top of square ones?
You, sir, just made my day. :D Didn't think about that. Bit of blu tac, sorted.

12-07-2012, 23:57
All my deamons are on round bases and magnetized onto nicely done square bases... the greater daemons are done opposite as the round bases are 60mm

13-07-2012, 01:22
Why don't you buy some Lord of the Rings unit movement trays, with a bit of work they'll fit together and they are 4 wide which is the same size as 4 25mm bases!

13-07-2012, 10:11
Not recommended, those bases (as well as various 3rd party equivalents) leave a bit of space between the individual bases, making your unit about 10% wider than it should be. And that is before adding in the edge of the bases as you are likely putting several bases together (and at least with the GW ones you want at least one more guy wider than the base, 3rd party ones you can get at least 5 wide).

While there is a certain degree of ideal-hammer to where a model is exactly, with these bases it quickly builds up to "Oh, no, they are not that wide really, you can't reach them with your charge" and similar things, the possibility for grief at least imo outweighing the convenience of off-the-shelf bases.