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11-07-2012, 21:59
I decided to get some Tau as part of another project I'm working on. Physically they were the closest model to what I imagined another race to look like (for play testing some rules for a game we were making to play between each other).

The Tau are also part of a new project to start a 40k army. I've attempted it twice before with Sisters of Battle and Orks but never really committed to those. I've also never built a 40k tank, so this will hopefully be the first foray into 40k. I've gone for an urban warfare style colour scheme for these guys and wanted a distinct emblem which matched the story for the alternate game. Should look cool on these Tau too.

So here are the first few I finished. Going to get a new camera too, so I apologise for poor quality photos.


I'm also doing a little twist to this project. As someone who generally enjoys painting over playing the game I'm open to suggestions as to what I should get next!

C&C welcome

17-07-2012, 22:28
So I invested in a Devilfish as I thought that was a fairly standard thing for Tau to have. I also have never built and painted a tank before (except for the Steam tank). So this was a pretty fun project! Here it is with the models I've finished. Going to finish these Fire Warriors and then decide what to do after. The scheme has the Orange to add a bit of colour to it all as Grey and Black are boring on their own. It also is meant to symbolise the technology an energy in all of the armour and weapons.


17-07-2012, 22:56
Cool colour scheme dude. Will keep my eye on this :)