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12-07-2012, 09:16
Archmage - 225
Level 4 - 35
Forlaiths Robe - 45
Annulian Crystal - 40
Shadow Magic

Here to Mindrazor the spearmen and just general magic attacks.

Mage - 100
Level 2 - 35
Elven Steed - 12
Seerstaff of Saphery - 40
High Magic

Run around and Drain Magic where needed.

Noble - 85
Battle Standard Bearer - 25
Dragon Armour - 6
Amulet of light - 15

Sit in unit increase combat res and give unit magic attacks.

30 Spearmen - 270
Command - 25

Main unit

30 Spearmen - 270
Command - 25

Main Unit

30 White Lions - 450
Command - 30

Attack unit

5 Dragon Princes - 150
Drake master - 20
Ironcurse Icon - 5
Command - 30

10 Shadow Warriors - 160

Warmachine attackers

Repeater Bolt Thrower - 100

Repeater Bolt Thrower - 100

Reapeater Bolt Thrower - 100



12-07-2012, 13:51
I thought bolt throwers were rare and you can only have 2 of any 1 rare unit

12-07-2012, 14:20
No he is all sweet high elves have something in faq that can blow out there spec and rare choices if they choose.(super elite) I am missing the fun part though looks like your average high elf list.....

12-07-2012, 15:31
+1 for no book of hoeth /Teclis.

It seems oke to me.. just 1 thing those dragonprinces are gonna get shot/doing nothing with just the 5 of them.
You need some redirect ore units that can deal with redirecters of you opponent aswel.. i dont think you want to waste al your magic+shots on nasty small units that screwing up your battle line.

12-07-2012, 15:40
I could split the Shadow warriors into two units of 5 one unit to attack warmachines and another to take out re-directors.

13-07-2012, 13:25
Your list is illegal as it only has 590 points spent in core. So first up, get another spearman in one of those units. Second, you are going to struggle in a major way against anyone that can seriously outnumber you. Skaven, goblins and zombies will all soak up any of that missle fire from your repeater bolt throwers and hit your lines with close to 80 bodies. That many will absorb your attacks and you will be left facing dwindling numbers extremely quickly. Sure thats only 3 armies but you will also struggle with anything that can put combat monsters in your face or a unit with massed strength 5. If this is by design, then cool, you have made a soft high elf list that people won't complain about playing against. If it's not, I'd suggest changing things rather dramaticly. At the very least I would drop the shadow warriors in favor of that much needed spearman and 3 eagles.

13-07-2012, 18:19
I wasn't going for a hardcore high elf list , just something competetive but fun.

17-07-2012, 07:35
Ok then , so I drop one bolt thrower and shadow warrior and add 2 eagles + 1 spearmen.

Thoughts ?