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13-07-2012, 08:22
So 40k 6th is gonna be about flyers and infantry and 40k now has a huge range of models of varying sizes. This might belong in M&P but move if you think it should be.

How on earth do you guys cope with storing your big armies? My ork army us now getting big and over the years i'v carved out various foam trays to suit a particular list, ofc that list changes and now i have odd foam...

I'd make sense to have a case all of infantry and then all of vehcles kans etc.... but then you are lugging 2 maybe event 3 cases to a game!

I'd consider leaving foam trays of models stacked and then put trays into a case as needed but this could gather dust and still not allow you to manage to get a 'list' into one case.

Help guys, what do you do? other than keep romeo at battle foam rich by buying foam every 5 mins

13-07-2012, 09:06
Sell stuff I no longer need. If it gets buffed again there will be a new model. Also I just kept playing the same army since 3rd. Eventually it'll be good again (chaos 3.5) and now again in the chaos 6th edition codex!

13-07-2012, 09:31
I bought a house with a big attic, bought some large plastic cupboards and put a 8x4 table up there too.
Now I play my games at my house and transport is no longer an issue!
On the rare occasion I venture out, I take a cardboard box filled with toilet paper insets to hold my vendetta and 2 tanks, a Cities of Death box to hold 4 tanks, and a Chimera box to hold my 60 or so infantry.
This would be impossible without a car!

13-07-2012, 09:31
Multiple cases and boxes.
My Valkries have magnetised wings that come off for shipping.
My SM predators fit 3 to a tray for one of my cases, Rhinos fit 4 to a tray. Landraiders 2 to a tray. That's one caseload there.
Drop pods are 5 to a box (3 boxes - they are mostly scratchbuilt from templates from the GW France site - so it's not that big an investment if I wish to divest myself of them).
Marines themselves are in a 6 tier cantilevered tacklebox (as are the bikes, dreads and terminators.).

My eldar infantry are in two GW cases (old clamshell and standard). the tanks are 6 to a box in GW shippers (2 boxes).
Walkers/MCs are in another box (9 walkers and 5 wraithlords).

GK are all in one case. One battlehive small case.

All fits into one cupboard of shame.

Sons of Lorgar
13-07-2012, 09:51
I have no idea how to store my minis properly, at the time, my tank hulls are stacked vertical in a moving box in three layers, turrets in a box on the side, infantry is used along with bubble wrap to cushion my titan and thunderhawk. I'm not so worried about paint scratches yet because most isn't done painting anyway due to lack of ideas. Still just under 100 vehicles and over 400 infantry is bulky and cumbersome to store, not to mention that it fills a third of my car when back seats are folded if I want to go to a big apoc. game. (I've got around 30kpts traitor guard/Word Bearers/Daemons)

13-07-2012, 09:56
I've got mine sat on shelves in my man-cave. I've spent so much time painting them, it would be a shame to hide them away in plastic bawkses. I've got several cases over the years, so when I need to transport them, I don't have any issues there.

13-07-2012, 09:58
Yea its a tricky one, I mean i have loads of cases and armies but none of them have every gone to the varied extent my orks are now.

Think i'm gonna have to sit down and plan it all out over the weekend, gonna be an expensive foam buying experience. While the thread is here, in the UK who do you get your foam from guys? have used KR Multicase before but anywhere cheaper would be epic.

Corvus Corone
13-07-2012, 10:02
I'm lucky enough to live in a bunker that has it's own war room downstairs. I keep them down there with my real army.

When I need foam or carry cases, I tend to buy from feldherr. They're a slightly lesser known company with a good range of high quality products for those who can't justify battlefoam prices. Great customer service and delivery.

13-07-2012, 10:29
I've got countless carry cases. But face a similar problem. I've found the real difficulties lie with the larger models. I've tried all sorts of solutions (and have four large shelves filled with just those!) but still have not got a clue what to do. It's particularly grating with things like the baneblade and Valkyrie. The cost of storing these is getting comparable with the kits! I've been recently looking into glass display cabinets, but I still don't think it will provide enough room. I've also toyed with the idea of building a custom cabinet with foam lined drawers which could store all the infantry, but fundamentally, it comes down to the issue of space.

Try the following sum Latro:
Number of infantry = n
Number of small vehicles = a (bikes to buggies)
Number of medium vehicles = b (rhinos to land raiders)
Number of large vehicles = c (valkyries, baneblades)


That's an estimate of how many litres of space you'll need to store the collection before adding rules, scenery and miscellaneous stuff to it! My estimate is that I require nearly a 100 litres of space if not more.

13-07-2012, 11:08
ah cool might tot that up. Its not so much the physical storeage space more the storing a specific list i think. Like say my new ork army i'm gonna try out for 6th, 25orks, 25orks, 12 orks - truk, 12 orks truk, 10 lootas, 10 lootas, wp on bike, mek 4 koptas and a dakkajet... should fit into one large GW case.

Will require total custom choppin up of foam etc thou. Infact i did a tour of my 5th ed ork list case, so it'd be going in here:

can see in the vid what i'm on about.

lol my mate on msn just said:

'play epic instead'

made me chuckle

13-07-2012, 12:19
I like to have my models on display when at home. For transport you could look at things you always take and group them together. For example you could make a couple of foam inserts that each hold a full squad of ork boys, a few that hold 12 boys and a truck, one that hold 3 kans, one that holds a dread or two etc. These would then not need to be changed between editions and you can select and fill the foams to put into cases that you need for each game.

Sons of Lorgar
13-07-2012, 12:29
I wish I had enough space to put models on display without risking imminent fanged feline death to the lot.