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13-07-2012, 15:50
as ive only just started 40k with the release of 6th (ive played fantasy for years) i picked up some dark angel models and am in the process of painting them up. Now i always like to have a couple of different forces for each system and really like the models and fluff behind sisters of battle. The only thing thats stopped me starting them already is the cost of the troops and the worry that they could get phased out altogether like squats.

Do you guys think they are here to stay and also would it be viable to run a pretty troop light force with them as the tanks and penitent engines etc seem pretty cheap in comparison. If i go with them the initial plan will be to start small and run them as allies to the dark angels not sure if that would be viable fluff wise but thats something i could research.

One last thing with the sisters is im a little worried they will play a very similar style to the dark angels but the only other model ranges that have any appeal to me are dark eldar or nurgle daemons so some thoughts on them would be appreciated too.

13-07-2012, 16:07
As I said in your previous thread:

Sisters won't be going anywhere-- they just reformed from Witch Hunters back into Sisters of Battle, in terms of how GW addresses the army. Now, that being said, I'm not sure if they'll ever recieve the treatment they do deserve (a new codex/army book and plastic miniatures) and that's the only thing keeping me back from them, myself.

You're not mad, no, they'd make a good allied contingent at the very least!

13-07-2012, 16:35
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