View Full Version : Looking for dead models and skeletons in similar scale

14-07-2012, 06:34
I'm looking for 28mm models similar to Warhammer Fantasy ones. I want to find models of dead humans, or skeletons. I'm building some terrain pieces and need to find some dead bodies to lay on the ground. I tried my best trying to convert some with the models I have, but they all turn out too static. They don't look "natural" as if they were lifeless. Does anyone know of any models that I could use?

14-07-2012, 17:35
Lord of the Rings have some dead/dying guys in their range...

14-07-2012, 20:33
I think Perry Miniatures sell dead humans. ;)
Not sure about the scale though. There's several different ones, this here is an example: http://www.perry-miniatures.com/product_info.php?cPath=23_33_52&products_id=1787

14-07-2012, 20:55
Mantic do an undead army with skeleton units, and you could always look on ebay for the dogs of war unit of skeletons of other races (name escapes me sorry), failing that and lord of the rings, just convert some slightly, models facedown with no weapon and an arrow in the back or something, or something like its head missing or mutilated in some way would work surely?

15-07-2012, 10:42
Warlord Games make casualties for most of their ranges I think.

Wargames Factory make skeletons that (IMO) are too thin and brittle for gaming, but should be fantastic for "heaps of dead guys", since they are naked and in many parts, so you can have lots of ribcages, skulls and so on.

jack da greenskin
15-07-2012, 20:27
The mantic sprues have a lot of casualties on the command sprues for making dioramas and stuff.

(dead dwarves, dead orclings, dead elves)