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14-07-2012, 07:54
Anyone who got the white dwarf with the new marine and ork fliers, was the article that included them chapter approved? I am just curious, because I loved chapter approved before and it saddened me when they got rid of it. So is it back? (crosses fingers) I want my creature feature back! And all the other goodies they had, like Kais for tau, or hunting beasts. I miss them.

Anyone else miss those days?

14-07-2012, 09:37
I miss them. I miss the days that WD included content more than just "this is our new stuff, and here it is again, and again, and again, so buy it!" content.

It was why I stopped reading it. It was too depressing, watching what it had become. Kinda like the difference between young & slim Elvis and the later older, fatter one.

14-07-2012, 10:36
yeah warhammer chronicles and chapter approved used the be the heart of WD.

14-07-2012, 20:28
I would love to see al those things back again. the same goes for the campaign codices with a few army lists in them.
You had a real variety when that was still around in 3rd edition.


14-07-2012, 20:33
All through out the new BRB they are are blurbs about things being either written in white dwarf or the GW site. Such as fortifications and terrain rules that arent currently in the BRB or in Codexes. So i would say yes...its just a matter of time.

14-07-2012, 22:24
Still have the latest chapter approved they released and some of the creature feature rules they used to have on their website... The good old days...

Yeah, I miss chapter approved.