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14-07-2012, 08:41
Okay, so I've come back from a bit of a hiatus, and found we've all moved on to 8th edition. I had stopped playing in 7th.

Back in 7th, there was, in my mind at least, a well defined difference between monstrous infantry, and blocks of troops. Blocks of troops were the reliable units used as anvils and relying on static CR to hold and win, whereas monstrous infantry was very much a hammer, really wanting to get that charge, hit first, and reduce attacks back by killing a lot of enemy models. Monstrous infantry getting charged was usually not a real good thing, or at least wasted opportunity, given the monstrous infantry units were fragile, being only 1 rank (because there was no point taking more).

Obviously there have been a number of changes, including supporting attacks, stepping up, monstrous support, and charging not letting you strike first.

Now I'm looking at 8th edition, and it seems to me that the roles of the infantry block and the monstrous infantry unit have somewhat met in the middle. Infantry has gotten more killy, and now that there are monstrous supporting attacks, those monstrous infantry seem to mainly be running in 3 x 2 formations and are able to hold their own in 1 on 1 up front fights.

Obviously I'm speaking generally here, because the army books have a variety of different infantry and monstrous infantry units. But I'm curious to understand people's thoughts on this. Can monstrous infantry now be used in a similar role to blocks of infantry, given they can generate so much CR through kills, and that there is no real reason for them to charge rather than receiving the charge? (other than +1 CR)

14-07-2012, 09:56
MI can be quite killy in combat and can generate a huge amount of CR, but their biggest weakness is that they are rarely going to be steadfast.

You can send regular infantry into combat and be fairly confident they will hold, even if they lose. Because of this they make a great anvil.

MI can't quite fill this roll because they usually cannot afford to lose.

Bingo the Fun Monkey
14-07-2012, 10:50
Monstrous Infantry generally march faster and can get into a support position for your main blocks very quickly without having to, say, leave the general's LD bubble in the case of Trolls. I think with how the unit choices are disseminated throughout the army books, Monstrous Infantry and regular infantry usually have different clearly defined roles.