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14-07-2012, 16:21
This is my current mock up for an empire list at 2800. I figured I would toss it out and see if anyone had any comments or suggestions.

Arch Lector Armor of Meteoric Iron, Ironcurse Icon, Great Weapon (Goes in Halberdiers)
Wizard Lord Level 4, Lore of Metal, Dispel Scroll (Goes in Archers)

Captain BsB, Full Plate, Enchanted Shield, Crown of Command (Goes in Halberdiers)
Captain Full Plate, Shield, Barded Warhorse, Lance, Mask of EEE! (Goes in Reiksguard)

50 Halberdiers Musician, Standard
-25 Swordsmen Detachment
-25 Swordsmen Detachment
10 Archers
6 Knights Musician

7 Reiksguard Knights Musician, Standard, Banner of Swiftness
3 Demigryph Knights Musician, Standard
3 Demigryph Knights Musician, Standard

Hellblaster Volley Gun


Lists in the new book always feel low on bodies, but I think this army can be successful with it's mobility and staying power. I didn't give the wizard any kinda of ward to keep him cheap. Hopefully in the archer unit he will be mobile enough to stay out of combat behind the main battle line.

What do you think?

14-07-2012, 20:02
Hello, this is coming from someone with a totally different playstyle than what your list projects, but I'll try to alter your build as little as possible.

a) Demigryph Command: Even if they're the best thing ever since Cookies and Cream ice cream, these guys can lose combat and flee. And when they do, 33% of their size will die automatically due to it being a banner. I see these banners as a bad idea, even if it is for Blood and Glory that you included them. Even more so when you consider that you haven't given them a magic banner.

b) Flaming attacks: That depends on your local scene, but ever since I faced a unit of 7 trolls and had everything I threw at it bounce back thanks to Regeneration, Banner of Eternal Flame has been an auto-include for me. Sure, the arch lector may give his unit flaming attacks, IF the prayer is let through...Too little, too risky and ,most importantly, footslogging.

c) Infantry: This suffers a bit from an "all eggs in one basket" syndrome. The halberdiers with characters represent a healthy chunk of points, held together by a 2+ save BSB with the stubborn crown. And there are many things that can weather their attacks, kill your bsb and come out on top these days. I'd be tempted to break that huge unit into two smaller ones, get smaller detachments as well. That would give you more maneuver elements and something to throw away if need be.

d) Chariots: I like these, but be sure to use them as chariots to clear chaff and threaten the enemy advance. If you just hold them behind your lines to boost the halberdiers you're essentially paying 250 points to give a single unit +1 to hit and 6+ ward.

e) Captain on horse: sure, giving cold blooded to your reiksguard is nice. But is it really needed? For the same points you could get yourself another unit, thus giving you more maneuver elements (notice a pattern here?).

f) Van Horstmann's Speculum. Never leave home without it. Evens the field against killer characters and makes the opponent think twice before commiting, say, his doombull.

Hope this helps