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14-07-2012, 21:25
So I had a question on Van Horstman's Speculum. If effects are applied to a character's stats from other sources (not including items) do those effects get swapped along with all the other stats in a challenge with Van horstman's speculum? For instance in a fight I have a witch hunter with the speculum and Warrior's bane (suffer a wound and lose an attack). If I wound him in the challenge next round do we swap again and I have one less attack? Or does the effect of -1 attack stay on him and he only has one attack next round? Also if a spell effect gets placed on my witch hunter such as say a permanent effect like Wither from the Skaven does that effect get swapped as well in a challenge? Is the Skaven warlord now hit with a toughness of 3 from my witch hunter instead of T 4?

Also am I still in a challenge in other phases of the game? For instance for the duration of the challenge I swap stats, If I swap stats in the combat phase but the challenge is ongoing because no one died and next turn I am hit with a spell (such as purple sun) do I have to use the init of the witch hunter or do I have to use the init of the model I switched stats with? Are we still in a challenge switching stats or do we stop fighting the challenge and restart next combat phase?

15-07-2012, 00:09
1. You're in a challenge till someone runs or dies, so you'll have those stats for other phases too

2. You are switching the stats on your profile. So if you swap stats with a Vampire Lord whom has been whacked with Warrior Bane, you'll be fighting with his full 5 attacks while he will fight with the witch hunter's minus any lost to warrior bane. Likewise with wither. Your opponent will gain the WH's toughness of 4, and you'll fight with your opponent's minus the dbuff from wither

17-07-2012, 11:42
Correct unless a magic item or ability says, XXXXX changes the stat on the models profile or modifies base state, then any swapping would be at the stats right out of the book. Then after that any modifiers from magic items, spells or abilities that do not alter the actual profile come into play on the character they are on.