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15-07-2012, 07:51
currently i am in a league that progressively increases the amount of points you can use in your army. i am playing wood elfs and i am in the second round after having won the first round against 500 points of dwarfs. the next point value is 750 and i know the army im going to play next. it's bretonnia, i have played a 2000 point game before and found that unless i spam waywatcher's killing blow and get amber spear in the lore of beast i have nothing to combat high armor models. while i do have dryads and a few treekin i cant seem to get enough wounds to break that 2+ save and 5+ prayer. additionally most times i am unable to get the charge off before him due to mov 8, which allows his lances to tear through me.

any advice on taking out bretonnia with woodelfs?

Gary wyper
15-07-2012, 07:54
have you thought of a couple of eagle to divert them giving you extra time to shoot with your glade guard, theres also wardancers who can do a kb dance
i would have suggested the machine gun noble but I find him useless against some armies
also wild riders might be worth a look,they can outcharge bret knights
also note the blessing is 6+ for s4 or below and 5+ for st5 or above
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15-07-2012, 10:51
Waywatchers are pretty much the best knight killers you have, which is a shame because they're crazy expensive (I think 1 watcher costs the same as 1 knight). War dancers in the flanks would work too. Use your treemen/kin as anvils,try to make him have to charge through forests as well for massed dangerous terrain tests (/other effects possibly). Then try and flank with wardancers with killing blow dance and hope for 6's . Obviously if the dancers themselves get charged they'll be toast. The men/kin will do some damage themselves too though watch out for HKB.

At 750pts I'd recommend um... 4 kin, some dancers, some glade guard of course. I think WE struggle particularly at this level because everything is so overpriced.

Good luck, it's a tough match up.

18-07-2012, 14:20
Knight don't seem to be too big a problem these days. Most people don't bother with them due to the small size unit against the mass of hordes. With my army I tend to use the machine gunner lord with no armor save arrows, bunkered in with a unit of Waywatchers. They seem to do just fine.

My current problem is similar with regards to saves, but a much tougher cookie to break. I'm talking about the Steam Tank, which a regular opponent tends to take two of. I've thrown Treemen, Treekin, Dryads, the kitchen sink.. Everything at them with no effect.

18-07-2012, 14:56
alter noble, bow of loren and arcane bodkins will give you four armour save ignoring armour save shots per round

18-07-2012, 15:52
That's too many points of gear for a noble. It would have to be a highborn, and that doesn't fit in 750.

Just because it's brets though doesn't mean it will be all knights. He could have a lot of infantry too, although if he knows he is against WE there is a good chance it will just be knights.

I would go with fast units and just run around him. It's harder with knights, but once you get in close there is little he can do but reform.

I don't know about waywatchers. Sure they have killing blow but at best you are hoping at 1 dead knight per turn and they are just not fast enough to get away if the knights start marching on them.

Finally deploy in one corner. This will make him bunch up to catch you and then you can spread out. He can do the same but the last thing you want is for him to deploy in a long single rank and not give you a way out. Then again at 750 there should be a lot of board to work with.

My list would be:

Noble w/ steed, hail of doom, light armor, shield, spear

10 glade riders w/ banner, musician
5 glade riders
5 glade riders
5 glade riders

Total: 750

Remember, the idea isn't to kill 30+ knights, it's to kill enough points for the win while not giving any up in return.

21-07-2012, 12:17
Waywatchers have never really done much for me. The BS5 is nice, but killing blow is unreliable especially given the low number of shots.

I think you actually have an advantage in smaller point games. He can't bring that many knights, and it is easier for you to focus fire on those that he did bring to quickly reduce their numbers. You can either play a run and hide list like malorian's or bring more glade guard and try to bring down the lances with lots of str 3/4 shots.

21-07-2012, 15:26
Curse of Anraheir is pretty good against any 1W knights, it makes him lose a third of his unit any time he tries to march/charge.

Chicago Slim
24-07-2012, 12:42
At 750 points? That's a pretty tough nut to crack... You might consider loading up on Tree Kin (or at least bringing a 3-pack), though you'll want to bait him into a position where they're not getting charged (accepting a charge from KotR with Tree Kin, the mathhammer isn't THAT bad, but it's dicey at best: He gets 1 wound in nine lances-- which probably means one wound-- and he takes 13.8% per attack coming back-- which probably means one wound or two-- but he'll have static CR to back it up with...)