View Full Version : 6th ed Starter Set painting competition?

Brother Muninn
16-07-2012, 02:02
When Assault on Black Reach came out back in 2008 I remember GW created a contest for people to paint up the whole lot. Think they'll do it again?

Was that a one-time ordeal? I don't think they did it for BfM, and I don't play Fantasy so I wasn't paying attention when IoB came out, did they do something similar then as well?


16-07-2012, 02:09
There is some talk that there may be two starters each only housing one of the two factions in the Starter scenario.
If this is the case I'd expect to see something like this, otherwise I don't have a clue.

Brother Muninn
16-07-2012, 02:28
I'm not a big fan of the split boxes rumor, but I'd love it if there was a contest.

I wasn't able to participate in the first, but I'd be all over the next one.