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05-05-2006, 20:18
1500 points of Beastmen to finish for summer, like the idea of recycling old figs so the aim is to spend nothing on it - any bits i need will be got through trade. (GW have had plenty of my cash over the years, i now seem to be giving it to Battlefront...)

Had a dig through the collective bits box of unfinished stuff I share with my mates and came up with enough to scrape together a few points of nasty wee beasties: 2 of the new plastic herds, a chariot and a couple of classic characters. Also have three wolfen for confrontation still unpainted. Am thinking minator's...?

Am not a fan of the all brown look - I want bunch of dirty norse cavemen, snow bases, tatoos and pale skin with lots of wild beastliness: just pics of the first gor's so far: WIP still need to do the bases and final highlight.

05-05-2006, 20:21
They can take our lives...but they can never take our MAKE UP!!

Looking good. Tatoos are great. :)

05-05-2006, 20:25
There are some pics of Wolfen used like you say in this army diary: http://s11.invisionfree.com/da_Red_Tavern/index.php?showtopic=121

05-05-2006, 21:08
whoah. That skin tone + the warpaint looks awesome!

Definately my kind of look, eagerly awaiting more progress!

Hideous Loon
05-05-2006, 22:52
Wow. They're oozing with character. Nice work, and I expect to see some follow-up to this.

06-05-2006, 00:14
Ta for the comments - and the link re: the wolfen, that's certainly the figure style i'm going for - though with less gore. Un-chaosy is my preference; they'll be using only marks of undivided.

Also unearthed 9 classic direwolves (i think) which will do nicely for the hounds. Pics below of the first two with my character (probably a shaman tho would work as a beastlord) he's the one from the chariot - reposed the staff and attached a platicard speartip to represent a staff/greatweapon. Used a normal head mounted on some miliput for a better pose and taller figure.

Used the original head on the unit champion for the minatores/wolfen to tie in a bit more with the GW stuff. The scale and pose work but not quite sure...last pic is the unpainted 2nd herd with shaman. Anyone with beastmen to trade can check:

will update next week.

06-05-2006, 00:26
Great conversions, but your painting could be smoother. I know a lot of this is stylistic (you may wish for your beastman's paintjob to reflect their rugged attributes), but to me smoothing out the highlights won't detract from what you've got.

Basically I'd recommend more layers (if you can be bothered), and also re-highlighting the tattoos, they cover a lot of the body but don't show the form.


11-05-2006, 23:32
Point taken on the highlights (not much point in layering the skin tone only to flatten it with tatoo's) fiddly job, mind. In general i tend to go for a gaming standard first, then highlight front rank/characters, maybe reserve a special unit for a nice paint job.
Also finding it difficult to get a crisp finish on fur without resorting to washes suggestions welcome as i pretty much just drybrush at the mo.

Anyways this week have mostly just undercoated/base drybrushed units and got my grubby hands on more gor and a few more wolves - sadly the plastics this time. Not very interesting to look at but have finished two Centigor conversions i'm pretty happy with, pics below:

DIY Centigor Tutorial
Used some old woodelf mounts as they're larger and more animated than the regular plastic horses, and just the plastic gor torso - cut off just above the knee. You need to trim down the outside leg and cut his bum off to fit the neck of the horse. then fill in behind the torso with green stuff (i'm using milliput as it's just easier to get here, tho more flaky) I've tried to mould a bit of musculature into the torso though i need more practice.

Also added to the rear hooves to bulk them up a bit, then a simple bit of armour to cover the sadle (easier than filing it off) the indents are done with a pin. The spear is just a wooden bbq steak with a plasticard tip and a bit of wire for the binding, the sheild is from my wargames foundry picts. Hoping to knock out 5 of these now i've worked it out - better than 25 on the box set at any rate.

Now working on making another chariot, painting up the wolfen/minators and making a hideous mess with instant snow...

12-05-2006, 08:47
Excellent work! Loving that woad design!

And always good to see fantasy logs!

12-05-2006, 08:52
They look great, although I'll remain to be convinced about the back armour, it looks like a quick, easy, (and despite my attitude) good looking shortcut, but I still feel bare-back may be batter.


12-05-2006, 11:36
Wow, very muted, natural colors but they really look good! Such a swing away from the bright and shiney makes them stand out.

12-05-2006, 12:01
It's a great concept, but if your ability/patience is up to it, Doing up the finer details like eyes and cleaning up some of the over-brushing would make it look top notch :)


13-05-2006, 10:24
Wow, man, I really like them! They look very realistic and somehow bring back memories of reading the Icewind Dale -series.

18-05-2006, 15:40
Update time: managed to pick up the rest of the figures this week as the rest were at a friends house so the prospective list looks like:

Bray shaman with beastherd (10 gor/6 ungor) full command
Bray shaman with beastherd (10 gor/6 ungor) full command
6 wolves
6 wolves
6 centigor with musician, champion
3 minators with great weapons (undivided)
2 chariots (undivided)

That's around 1000pts so will need to find something like a giant to fill out to 1500 but am happy with that for the moment. Have knocked out the rest of the centigors now and they look great but are only black, will save pics for when the whole unit is done.

Have finished one of the minators/wolfen, the rest are coming on - decided to change the one with the axe back to the original head so i could use the Gorthor head on my centigor champion (should look great). I've included the wolfy pic so you can get an idea of the colours i'm going for.

another pic of 2nd herd, worked up from black, the front rank closer to finished. think i might need another colour to contrast but not sure what yet - maybe a rusty/gory red? Suggestions welcome
The snow stuff seems to need 5 or 6 layers to look right and i think it might need painting to finish off, might try paintingbase white first but am out of pva so will stick to painting for the mo.

Next week: (hopefully) finish herd #2 and the minators.

24-05-2006, 17:32

Almost finished 500pts for border patrol - 4 more centigors to paint but the 1st chariot is done, bar a banner. 1st herd is 99% finished with a banner needs a final highlight on the ungor, managed to knock up a movement tray for them too.

The tent/wigwam was v easy - kebab sticks covered with strips of paper covered in pva - was pretty pleased how it came out so might try the same technique to make some campaign tents for my empire border patrol (next project)

Airborne XO
24-05-2006, 17:52
Very sweet mate - is that Manchester, England or some part of the USA?? We play both FOW and Warhammer/40k over at St. Helens if you are ever stuck for a game. Check out the shop/club website:


Cheers, XO

24-05-2006, 18:54
Dude, brilliant once more, but I'd rather hoped you'd made the chariot to be a sleigh (is that how you spell it?), you know, the snow vehicle...

24-05-2006, 19:10
Well, i've got two wolves left over, plus a sleigh shouldn't be too hard to make from some balsa wood so watch this space.

And yes - manchester england, St Helens a bit far for me but may well head over for a game of FoW sometime.