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16-07-2012, 19:41
Hello, I am new to warhammer and this is my first thread on warseer forums, I have not yet played a game of warhammer but me and friends(HE or Orks) are going to be having a game soon(8th Edition). I am hoping to beat them ;) and that's why I am here. Here is my planned list it is 7 points over the max currently but we have allowed an 10 point Le-way.

Thane, Shield (67 Points) <<< General

10x Thunderers, Full Command (165 points) or Quarrelers <<<< main concern :)

10x Dwarf Warriors, Standard Bearer, Great Weapon (110 points)

10x Dwarf Warriors, Standard Bearer, Great Weapon (110 points) <<<< Shields Rather?

Bolt Thrower, Rune of reloading or Engineer and Dwarf Handguns (65 points)

Total Points: 507
I also have 5 Miners and a cannon if anyone has any switch ideas.

Now here is my strategy, I will be versing high elves or orks and I believe they counter gun lines a bit because of movement speed or something, so that is why I went with the two blocks of dwarf warriors to try and defend my thunderers and bolt thrower, the thane will go with one of the dwarf warrior units, it is also possible that one of the dwarf warrior units could have shields instead of great weapons and i could switch out the Thunderers for Quarrelers but I really do like the +1 to hit thing, it seems good. They were good in some battle reports I saw.

Basically the bolt thrower will go behind my units on a hill or next to my dwarf warriors the thunderers next to them and then the other warriors next to that, with the ranged units a bit behind the rest, I don't know if that will stop charges or not.

Deployment from left to right, Bolt thrower, Dwarf Warriors with Thane, Thunderers and then the next group of warriors. (I was going to put the thunderers in front of the one group of warriors and then move them back when the enemy got close, but I saw that if a unit flees through another unit that unit takes a test to see if they run, Is it worth the risk?)

Any and all suggestions are Welcome, also even just some tips in general could help me as well, so feel free to post.

Thanks in advance,
Excellis :evilgrin: Ready to DOMINATE.:eek:

16-07-2012, 21:37
Take quarrelers over thunderers. They're longer ranged, which allows you to deploy in the back of your zone and shoot an extra turn. Also, they're cheaper and you don't need the armor piercing too badly in 500pts.
Drop the rune on the bolt thrower. It's pointless.
Combine the warrior units and take full command (great weapons too). You want rank bonuses, and one big unit is harder to break than two smaller units (you're dwarves... you're going to get outmaneuvered anyway).
The points saved can probably get you some runes on the thane. Or maybe another bolt thrower or something.

The plan: deploy as far back as possible while still being able to shoot turn 1. Shoot the crap out of his shooters, and then his fastest units. By the time he reaches you he shouldn't have many more units than you, so your warriors hopefully won't get surrounded and overwhelmed.

17-07-2012, 00:09
What Moss said, except I think a cannon would be much much better than a bolt thrower. Higher strength, D6 wounds, generally a better chance to hit and can hit more things.
I don't have the book on hand and don't remember the points difference but combining the warrior squads, making the thunderers quarellers and dropping the bolt thrower of course is probably enough points to get a runeless cannon.

Also no need for full command on the ranged guys, just get a musician for swift reforms and leave it at that.
Any point left over should be spent on the Thane.

17-07-2012, 11:07
Thanks for the tips guys.

I have redone the list and have given the thane some runes and a Great Weapon so he can go with the warriors.

Thane, General, Great Weapon, Rune of fury, Rune of stone. (99 points)

20x Dwarf Warriors, Great Weapons, Full Command. (225 points)

10x Quarrelers, Musician. (115 points)

Bolt Thrower, Engineer. (60 points)

Total:499 points

That's it, I am still willing to make changes if anyone has suggestions, and any tips will be appreciated, tell me what you think of the list and i will be back with a battle report in probably the next 2 weeks.


Little Joe
17-07-2012, 12:35
The rune of Fury on your great weapon turns it into a NORMAL hand weapon with +1A.

Since the Ld of the Thane is not important to you skip all the runes, and a dwarf warrior, since you put him into that unit anyhow (for looks and points), that makes 40 points.

This means, that you have options to play different lists and adapt to your opponents.

Leave the engineer out to have 5 Miners to creep up on enemy war machines if you expect some.
Drop the bolt thrower for a cannon if you expect a big monster, or something hard to kill, Rune of Burning to cancel Regeneration on it and a Rune of Stone for your Thane.
Give the bolt thrower the Rune of Burning to cancel regeneration (nice combo with your quarrelers), and put four miners in your quarellers as "counts as" to have more shots (7 wide).

17-07-2012, 14:50
Geez I am glad you mentioned the rune of fury thing, that would of been a huge fail, thanks for the help. ;)