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05-05-2006, 23:42
"We are exiting the warp in two days" The vox boxs anounced as Commisar Baum strode down the hallway. He was getting tired of having to press matters with the Upper Eschlon of this Regiment. He had only been with the Regiment since the beginnig of this crusade and he has had to put 3 troopers down because of the warp.
As he reached his destination there was a trooper in his Urban Fatuges. Giving a quick slaute to him when Baum walked uphe had to stop him when he got to the door.
"Hello Commisar Im sure this is where you are going but i need to see some Identification."

Pulling out his Commisarate ID he flashed it.
"Thank you COmmisar Baum you may enter." He said as he snapped to attention.
"Stand at ease trooper. Make sure that everyone on that list makes it on time."

Walking in the room he saw the Regimental High command sitting on the opposite of a Pic display. Snapping to attention he stood there waiting for the General to acknowldge that he entered. Pulling the pipe out of his mouth
General Swaydon noded in his direction.

"You can sit down Commisar, Because the Rest of your company wont be here untill 1800 standard hours."
"Yes sir" Baum said with haste. Glancing around the room he saw the Company Command and two of the three platoon commanders. Shuffling towards the Staff he sat down and opened his Orders and the invasion plan. He had been on many invasions like this before but this one made him ancy.

Khemri Daemon
06-05-2006, 10:58
Vassikin walked relaxedly down the hall, hands thrust into the pockets of his fatigues, he paused to flash his ident card at the soldier guarding the door before slouching in. He gave something halfway between a salute and a half-hearted attempt to swat a fly in front of his face to the assembled officers. "Trooper Vassikin reporting sirs." He drawled, his voice almost as lazy as his salute, and flopped down in a chair, one leg casually hanging over the armrest. He surveyed the officers with a wary eye, having served in three campaigns in his two years with the guard he learned what to look for in an officer, most of these guys looked like bureaucrats to him, but one of the three Commissars had the look of a double-hard bastard. I wonder what the rest of the team is like he thought as he watched the Commissar, he'd only been transferred to the unit right before the ship left, and hadn't really started to mix yet.

06-05-2006, 13:40
Dreden just finishing his three mile run hurriedly got ready to goto the meeting to find out who the rest of his team was. As he was coming to the conference room he managed to see the door guard way before the guard saw him. So he decide to just go into the room with out the guards notice. First thing he did was draw the guards attention by dropping a huge pile of junk in the ground. Which of course the guard went to like flies to a candy apple. So he casually walked into the conference room calm as tho nothing every had happened. As he walk in he gave a crisp salute to the officers on deck and then took his sit accordingly.

06-05-2006, 13:43
Commisar Baum Watched intently as a Trooper nochalontly disobeyed his superiors with a cheesy Slaute. Looking over to his Suborates and they didnt seem to have caught it.

"Trooper Vassikin reporting sirs" He said as if he was addressing someone that wasnt important like a Regimental High commander was. watchins as this Trooper gazed over toward him he went back to reading his Orders. Looking at a list of his personal squad for the mission he saw Vassikin on it.
Standing up he walked over to him.

"trooper Vassikin you have been transfered from 3rd company 1st platoon to my personal squad you will be required to sit over in that direction." The commisar Pointed stiffly to a dim lit corner.

"Is that understood? And if i see you show that kind of Disrespect to another officer i will personally kill you myself! Now do i make my self Perfectly clear?"

Grand Warlord
06-05-2006, 15:47
Voxman Lufien saluted the guard at the door with a salute and stepped into the room sitting where the commisar requested he sit. He pulled out his vox unit and started to make some repairs.

"Please forgive me your commisarship, but this is the only time i have to fix this before I need to put it to use ... please forgive me."

To the gathered team.

"Hello I am Lufien, 103rd Cadian recent transfer."

06-05-2006, 19:34
Corporal Branigan strolled down the halls like a caged panther, watching Munitorium adepts and green troopers part like a wave in front of him, they sensed danger, it was written all over him. Brannigan watched it all with a mild feeling of amusement, they didnt know the half of it...

Noting hed reached the assigned briefing room, he noted the Stormtroopers guarding the room. Obviously someone important in here he thought... They waved him though and as he headed into the room he noticed a collection of brass the like of which he hadnt seen since the founding! He quickly dropped out of his ready slouch and into a more upright stance, ripping off a textbook salute as he did so.

He flet some hard stares from the other enlisted men on the room, but ignored them. he was a Cadian, he was the Best on and off the field.

Seeing a man in the uniform of a Commisar waving him over, Brannigan wondered just how command were going to try and kill him this time...

06-05-2006, 20:04
Valar finished cleaning and prepairing his gear for whatever mission he would be going on and left his quarters heading for the ready room. He saluted the door guards and stated his name. "Private Valar reporting as ordered." The guard nodded and let him in. He was shocked at the high command being here but did not show it as he quickly saluted and once he was given permision to sit he did so and quitly waited for the breifing to get underway.

06-05-2006, 21:07
Seeing that his list was starting to enter the room he ordered Eachone to sit in the row of seats next to him.

"Voxman Lufien Good to see that some one is being deadacated but make sure that it is in good working order. After the Breif go see the Tech Adept. Understand?"

Kommisar Sergei
06-05-2006, 21:51
Bursts into the room is sightly haggard, gaunt Sergeant Curtis, his weapon clattering against the myriad of spare gear he has strapped about his waist. With a crisp salute to Commisar Baum, he belts out an excuse.
"Sir, I am apologizing for being late, sir! I was attending the Priest's sermon in the chapel, and was recieving Holy Communion with the Emperor. Forgive me, sir."
He remained standing at attention, awaiting an order.

06-05-2006, 21:54
Watches as a SGT comes bursting in the door.
"Curtis i presume, I should shoot you on the spot if you where late but you are not so i will have to save that bullet for a later time. But go sit down over there *points to the rest of the squad* and get aquainted"

Kommisar Sergei
06-05-2006, 21:58
Snaps another salute off before running over to the other assembled troopers, skidding to a halt, slamming into a seat with a dull thump. Almost instantly he brings his flamer to rest against his hip, polishing the barrel to a dull sheen, testing the pilot light with a flick of the ignition switch.

06-05-2006, 23:39
Marco Istani

I'm late. Warp travel makes me nervous, and nervousness makes me unprofessional. It isn't a good way to introduce myself to my new unit, I know. I toy with the silver aquila that hangs from my belt as I pace down the hallway towards the briefing room, and murmur another quick prayer, though I'm sure I've used up my allocation for this trip already. Still, the Emperor protects his own.

As I reach the door, I stop to straighten my uniform in the reflection of a glasteel panel, give my name and show my dogtags to the the guards before me, and enter.


Khemri Daemon
07-05-2006, 01:35
"Sir, clear as crystal, sir." Vassikin relocated to the seating indicated by the Commissar with another, slightly less half-arsed, salute and a barely hidden smile. He eyed up the rest of the squad, flame-boy looked more than a little south of sanity, one of them, Istanti his dogtags said, looked nervous and kept fiddling with the aquila around his neck, in fact the only one who looked anywhere close to mentaly stable was Victor.

07-05-2006, 05:19
Dreden similed inwardly at all of the late guys coming in. Then also wondering if anybody had realised that he had snuck in here. Ahh oh well theyll just have to find out the hard way.

07-05-2006, 08:27
Commisar Baum looked at his chronometer and saw that it was 1745. 'so the guys had some time to get to know eachother before the breif'

07-05-2006, 11:11
Marco Istani

A sharp eyed trooper glances at me and spots me fidgeting with the aquila. Slightly embarrassed, I run my thumb across it a final time and tuck it away into a pocket. I look around me. A real ragged bunch we have here, messy uniforms, the pyro over there with the flamer.... I must stick out like a sore thumb. Still, that's veterans for you, I've ran into a few before. They may not polish their boots as often as they could, but when it comes to killing and blowing up things you couldn't wish for better.


07-05-2006, 13:06
Brannigan sized up the rest fo the group he presumed he'd be working with, most of em seemed shot away in at least some way, but from their looks, he guessed they were good at what they did. So, Suicide mission. Again.

Sighing, he shook his head and leaned back. "They never forget do they..." he mumbled to himself.

07-05-2006, 18:01
//OOC: erm guys, I made a boo-boo and jumped the gun. So me and sergei's little conversation has been removed until after the briefing starts.

07-05-2006, 22:26
Valar sat quitly in his seat eying the rest of his team. He noticed a few famous faces and nodded respectfuly to them. He looked to the commisar again then turned his gaze to a small data pad he kept with him.

08-05-2006, 11:16
"Now that it is 1800 I think we can begin." The Regimental high commander Stood up and stated. Looking down on his table he flipped a switch and a Projector came out of the ground and started projecting a Star system.

'This is us men. We are the Leading invasion force of one of the biggest invasions in our Regiments history.' walking over to the projector.
'This is where we are going. Hirofan VI in the Barake System. It is the Largest Forge world in this and the Neighboring systems. But right now it is being overwhelmed by the Dark gods. Hirofan VI is a very dence city world. With about 90% of the planets surface covered in huge cityscapes it is probabally be a very slow process going in and comming out. Right now we are about 4 days away but our Sister Fleet along with detachments of other Imperial Guard units have been orbiting the planet taking areial photos. The Emperors Loyal subjects are in need of our help. They have asked for Imperial assistance on this occasion but usually they would deal with this themselves. It has gotton so bad as to bring a Platoon of the Emperors Finest "The Adept Astartes" to the occasion.' The commander paused for a second to let the information sink in.

Looking over to another man dressed in a Purple tunic that had a Sword embrordered in the back the commander Noded to him for him to get up.

"Gents this is Viceroy Tankenic of the Hirofan VI centeral government. Give him your full attention!" The Commander said as he sat back down

"Goodmorning to all of you and thank you for comming to My Homeplanets help. Hirofan VI is broke up in to two major zones. The northern and the southern Hemispheres." Flipping another switch on the desk gave an increased Pic of the planet. "To show you what has happened to my home world would curl some of your young mens stomachs. But to say it lightly as the General put it is that The Planet is overrun by foul creatures of chaos. They have tainted Almost all of our PDF regiments and only 2 remain out of 27 so you can guess what your up aginst."

Looking down to the floor he looked as if he was weaping.
"The major fighting areas are in most of the Forgeworld zones because these are very important for the protection and the Armament of the Ongoing crusade aginst the Xenos on the Yorkman Crusade."

Clicking another switch the map then became a colorful aray of reds, yellows and greens.

"As you can see here there are pockets of resistance in several areas colored in yellow, The Red shows Traitor controled areas and the Green is Loyal zones. You can also see that the most of the fighting is taking place in and around the northern pole. This is because that is where all of our refinerys and our Mines are located. These need to be taken back to insure the victory is on ourside."

Looking back at the General he gave a wave and sat back down as the General Stood back up.

"Gents We are going to be going into the hells nest of all the Traitors. Our rendevue point is going to be Here marked by the Blue arrow which indicated the northen pole. This is where we are going to make our decent on the planets surface. We will be taking Vulture Transport to the surface and Quarentine off the the area around this Refinery. This is a valuable assest to the crusades because this is where 50% of the worlds minerals are processed. You will be issued out the rest of your equipment when we are out of the warp. We will hold it all costs and we will send these foul creatures of the warp back to the Emperor-Forsaken place in which they came From!"

With the last comment the Room Exploded in appaluse and cheers. This Regiment was Ready for what the Creatures of the warp had to offer...

Khemri Daemon
08-05-2006, 11:27
Vassikin scowled as the room broke out in cheering, "Hooray," he muttered, "A suicide mission."

08-05-2006, 20:04
//OOC well sergei mate, I guess that's our cue :D

Victor strode down the corridor. He had been summoned to a briefing at 1800. He checked his chronometer. 1807, he was late. He shrugged,
"Like I care"
He muttered to himself. As he approached the door, a guard moved to block his path. He shot the guard a withering look, and the guard scampered back to his post. His cold grey eyes had seen more horrors than he cared to recall. He swaggered into the briefing room. throwing a contemptious mockery of a salute, only two fingers extended rather than the full four. Respect was Earned on the field of battle, not given because of the details of your dress uniform. The briefing had already begun, so he crossed the room to the clutch of grunts in the corner. He pulled a cigarette from his pocket as he walked up behind a guardsman polishing his flamer. Leaning over his shoulder, he lit the cigarette on the pilot light.
"More brass here than a Cogboy porn mag"
He muttered before standing back up and slouching in the corner.

Kommisar Sergei
08-05-2006, 23:34
Curtis smirks to himself, the fuel gages on his flamer reading green. With a deft flick of his fingers, he reaches into one of his waistpouches, to withdraw a small picture of a young woman, cradling a babe in her arms. He shudders, gazing into her deep green eyes, before turning back to reality.
He cocks his head backwards to glare upon the man who used his flamer as little more than a lighter. "So what are you in for?", he mutters as he deactivates the pilot light, swearing as the valve has grown warm from the flame.

08-05-2006, 23:37
"I'm in for fighting, killing, serving the Emperor, in that order. Didn't you read the manual? That's life in the Imperial guard soldier"
Victor said with a grin on his face. He paused to take a long drag from the cigarette.
"How did you get away with bringing a flamer to this brass party anyway?" He asked indicating the wepon cradled in the mans arms.

Kommisar Sergei
08-05-2006, 23:45
Curtis smirked, gesturing with his pointed finger ,"Matilda never leaves my side." His face seemed set in stone as he affirmed this with another ,"Never."
He brightened almost immediately, commenting ,"Hey, can I have a drag off that?"

08-05-2006, 23:46
Victor rolled his eyes. This guy was definitely a couple of protein pills short of a ration pack. He took a last pull, flicked the ashes across the deck and passed it down.
"Keep it"
He muttered as he edged slightly away. After all, it never paid to get on the wrong side of a psycho with a support weapon.

Kommisar Sergei
08-05-2006, 23:47
Curtis grinned widely, taking the cigarette between his lips while sputtering,"Thanks." With a mighty breath, he consumed the cigarette, burning it down to the filter in one go.
"Hey, you have any idea what we are doing here? I've got nothing. Just Matilda."
He caressed the flamer lovingly, running his hands over it the way a man does a woman's body.

09-05-2006, 00:48
"Seems we're rebel hunting... At least this time its not bloody Xenos..."

Brannigan hopped to his feet at this point, and stropde off to the door.

"Now im off to find me some fun..."

09-05-2006, 03:05
Well Well Well... It would seem like a good old fashion suicide. Dreden said to himself as the briefing ended. Noticing that it would seem as tho the brief was over he got up and started to head for the door when he saw two guys who weren't there before the brief.

"Well would seem as tho someone decide to show up just a tad bit late now did we" Giving them a saracastic look.

"Oh and to let you know were on suicide misson for a bunch of hive boys." Then he strode out the door and on his way back to go run again.

Khemri Daemon
09-05-2006, 05:21
"*******' brass," Vassikin growled, "Twenty-seven PDF units can't hold the damn place and they want us to take it back?" He turned smartly on his heel and left the briefing room, heading for the ships rec room to go a few rounds with the training servitors.

09-05-2006, 08:22
Commisar Baum Looked through his packet once more before heading out to the General store. He needed to pick up a few cigars for the rest of the trip. He never was a smoker but this mission has made him a little ancy. And the cigar smoke calms his nerves. Looking at the squad that was going to be assembled he thought to him seld "Lets hope they all become Friends. Because is bad enought that we know that we are going to die but when your around your Friends it makes it easier"

09-05-2006, 18:59
Victor scowled at Dreden.
"Suicide mission? Try serving a tour of duty with the Inquisition, then come and describe a suicide mission to me."

He turned and headed towards the training room. He always tried to learn how the soldiers he fought alongside's fighting capabilities. Who could be relied upon to not get killed upon planetfall. He wasn't expecting to be impressed.

09-05-2006, 20:54
Marco Istani

"Twenty-seven PDF units can't hold the damn place and they want us to take it back?"
I can't help but overhear the comment from the trooper who spotted my aquila earlier. As he passes, I speak up. "Sure, but they were only PDF. We're Cadian. Nothing to worry about."


09-05-2006, 22:04
"Will Commisar Baums Slelected individuals Please Meet him in Berthing Room 27A." The vox casters announced.

'I think its about time to tell the men what their part in the whole Mission is' Baum thought to himself

Kommisar Sergei
09-05-2006, 22:49
Curtis gets up smoothly, his every movement conserved and poised as he seemingly slides over to the exit, his flamer brushing against his waist with a faint rustle as he strides to Berthing Room 27A at a brisk pace.

10-05-2006, 01:18
Valar got up and returned to his quarters to get some sleep and just before he was fully out the call came out to get to Berthing 27A. "uggg" he got up and headed where he needed to go.

Khemri Daemon
10-05-2006, 06:25
Vassikin cocked his head at the sound of the vox caster, delivering a final kick the the training bag before him before unwrapping the cloth bindings over his fists and buttoning his fatigue jacket back up. He slipped his dogtags back around his neck and made his way down to the briefing room.

10-05-2006, 13:16
Baum Strode in to the Breifng room. Seeing a Figure in the darkness He knew exactally who it was and Quickly made the sign of the Aquila on his chest.

"Good evening.... High Priest Striakus." As the figure turned around he could make out that he was weairng the Maroon Robes of his office.

"Good evening Commisar. I assume that your squad is ready for the Mission i have asked you to do?" The Deep voice of the High Priest was bairly about a whisper but it still boomed thought out the Damp Room.

"Yes high priest. I have selected an Adaquit squad for the mission. They maybe young and foolish but they seem to be the best for the job." Baum said comming up from his bow.

"Good for this mission will test the Faith in The Emperor for all of you. Sit wait untill the rest get here and I will explain to you all." The Priest said as he sat down.

Taking a seat next to the Priest the Commisar looked around the room. It was covered completely with Purity Prayers in paint that made them look as if they where enchanted. He knew that it was so that no one outside the room could hear what was about to take place. Removing his Cover he Flipped open the folder that never left his side.

"May I take a look at that Commisar?" The Preist said as he glanced at the folder. Handing it to him Baum felt almost naked without it.
"Are these the one you have chosen?"
"They are all good choices. Verygood Commisar" Soon I will tell them of their mission.

10-05-2006, 14:34
Victor strode into the briefing chamber. Vassikin's hand-to-hand combat skills were quite adequate. But he had little wish to sit and watch him beating the crap out of the training equipment for very long. So he had headed off early.
"Who's young and foolish Commissar?"
He asked contemptuously

10-05-2006, 16:45
The Vox call saved Brannigan any explanation, as he looked up sighed theatrically and feigned dissapointment he grabbed his fatigues and started to shrug them back on.

"Sorry Darlin, duty calls!" he said, a sense of genuine regret suffusing his voice as the pretty young clerk rolled over. He blew her a quick kiss and hopped into his combat boots.

"Cant tell where im off to this time, but I swear ill be back, dont you worry bout a thing love, walk in the park!" he hushed her as she tried to reply,

"No, Im the Emperors man now!"

And with that he darted out the door and headed for the briefing room, the smile of a satisfied tom plastered across his face. :angel:

Grand Warlord
10-05-2006, 18:50
OOC: Sorry for not posting ... I thought I had subcscribed to this thread but apparenetly not ... im still here lol

Leaving the Tech Adepts chamber for a final check of his equipment it was then he recieved the order to head to Berthing Room 27A. He leaned against a wall waiting for whatever was next.

OOC: Sorry again :(

10-05-2006, 21:42
Marco Istani

I step into 27A, and look around. Purity seals, everywhere. Its like they knew I was coming, if there's one place I'll feel safe during warp travel its in here. Nothing to fear, its alomst as though the Emperor Himself is in the room with us. I'm suddenly calmer than I've been throughout this entire trip. I cross the room and drop into a chair next to the others.


10-05-2006, 21:53
"Easy Trooper you are infront of a High Priest and I will kill you with another Comment like that! Take a seat and hold your tounge."
Baum was getting alittle ticked with that young man.He will have to watch Him more closely when they get into combat. Becuase he has seen his type before. Al full of Bravado and Boldness but when the Lasguns start firing then they are the first to start running and then he will have his chance for salvation.

Kommisar Sergei
10-05-2006, 23:59
Curtis clicked his bootheels as he strode toward the berthing room, pausing only to run a question by the XO of the Requisition department. He asked for a few 'special' items, given to him in a brown paper wrapped bundle. With a nod of his head, he ran to his bunk, retrieved the rest of his gear, and finished his journey to the berthing room.
"Wow, what an empty place.", he commented dryly as he looked around the cavernous departure point, packed with assault shuttles and scattered loading equipment.

Khemri Daemon
11-05-2006, 05:14
Vassikin entered the room, he noticed the ecclesiarchy member in the dark corner of the room and scowled, there was no time for religion on Jandermar, you had to concentrate on surviving. He saluted the Commissar again, hand still in fly-swat mode, and took a seat.

11-05-2006, 06:04
Valar entered and the moment he saw thehigh priest he bowed to him before saluting Baum. He then took a seat with the others and waited for the real briefing to start.

11-05-2006, 09:32
Dreden sighed as he dismounted the running machine he had just been on. He was alittle disappointed in that he didn't get to finish his third mile when the vox sounded for him to go to 27A. Well what does the commisar want now he said to himself as he walked over to the wall that he had thrown his gear at. He put on his fatigues and headed out towards the berthing room.

Dreden finally reached room 27A after getting lost a couple of times. "Bout frakin time I got here" Then steped through the door, as he enter he saw the high priest in the corner and made the Aquila on his chest and then gave a salute to Baum. After that he took his seat by the soldier with the Aquila on his chest.

11-05-2006, 13:26
Baum stood up when the last of his squad walked in through the door.

"You have all been assigned to do a special mission for the Glory of the Imperium and The Emperor. We are going to have the gift of going and getting one of the Emperors most sacred Relics from this system.
What the Regimental commander did not tell you was the History of the Hirofan system. It was one of the First forgeworlds liberated from the Xenos When the emperor still traveled the stars. When he got here the Human population was put into slavery by the foul Xenos and was being exterminated from the face of this planet.

When the emperor arrived to conqure this planet back for the Imperium He soon found a group of Humans that where rebelling aginst the Xenos. This group of rebbels where lead by a man named Sebastion Groth. He gave the emperor valuabe information about the state of thier forces and where landing and strategic point where. Then he fought side by side with the emperor untill they cast the last of the Alien Invades back in to the warp or where ever they came from.

Now when the Emperor left the Planet he left Groth incharge of rasing an army from the Populace and to join him in the Grade Crusade. But before he left the Emperor Gave Groth an Artifact that has been pased down through the Generations of the Groth Family. In the Temple of Groth on the planets surface the Necklace has sat for 10,000 years but with the recent activities with chaos the High Lords of Terra want the Artifact found and brought back from the Planets surface for safe keeping.

Now I will let High Priest Striakus tell you about the Necklace."
Baum taking a seat the High Priest stood up and cleared his throat.

"This is a mission of dire importance. We are talking about an Artifact that the Emperor himself once wore. We need it back! It is a very potent Force Artifact and if one of the Foul deamons of Chaos every got its mangy paws on it we would be in a World of Pain. We need you to recover this Necklace at all cost. It is for the saftey of the Imperium, This world and the next.

The Necklace is a Standard Imperial Pendant with the Aquila Embrasionened on it. I cannot stress the Importance of this Mission is. The Traitorus Guard units have been picking up steam in the recent weeks and hopefully the worst has not come to pass. Please find and return it to me."
Sitting down High Priest Striakus let out a small sigh to signal Baum to stand back up

"Now to go through the mission.
First we will drop with the Rest of the Regiment. Apon landing we will take a Valkeryie Gunship and a Squadron of Lighting Bombers to our Specfic Drop zone. From there it will be a Two day March through the City of Rustoputo. When whe get to the Farther end of the city there will be the Temple of Groth. We will search in the last known area the Artifact was thought to be. From there we will Locate it and then make a day and a half march back to our pick up site.

Sounds easy but we will be fighting in the Deamons Den. This is the area that is thought to have the most Chaos Forces in the area. We will have Hellbringer support through out most of the mission but we will only use it if the situation is Dire. We should only be a fews days ahead of the main battle force because of the Imperial Push that is being formed as we speak. If anything goes to hell we will hold up untill Reinforcements arrive. Is there any Questions?"

Kommisar Sergei
12-05-2006, 00:49
Curtis grinned widely. "So basically, Matilda and I are going to have fun, no? Sounds like we are going to be in a very hostile environment, which means little or no ground intel, almost no chance of reinforcement, and a limited supply of ammo. I'm game."
He adjusted his field pack, the objects inside moving slightly with a rustle as he swung his flamer to the front, the slightly charred muzzel gleaming in the harsh lighting the overhead lamps provided.
"Let them burn."

Khemri Daemon
12-05-2006, 09:49
Well at least we aren't assaulting the north pole, thought Vassikin, he would know what to do in a Hive, how to move, after two years fighting in jungles and deserts it would be good to be in a city again. The smile generated by the thought vanished into a frown, he had never fought heretics before, much less daemons, they would be different to Tau or Kroot when it came to killing them.

13-05-2006, 08:10

Baum walked entered the Hanger bay as the Entire Regiment was getting ready to board thier ships to make planet fall. Waiting untill the rest of his squad to load He stood outside the Transport ship patiantitly.

Khemri Daemon
13-05-2006, 09:12
Vassikin made his autopistol was loaded and ready before slipping it into the holster on his thigh, he checked the edge of his combat knife and slipping it into the sheath on his boot. As he left his quaterers, he fixed the clasp of his urban camo cloak around his neck and ensured his sights were properly calibrated before slinging his long-las over his shoulder. He entered the hanger through the heavy, hydraulic doors and made his may to his designated shuttle.

14-05-2006, 12:54
Dreden made his LasCarbine ready by cleaning every part of it and checking that everything was corecetly together before slinging it over his shoulder. Then he check his laspistol before hosltering it on his thigh. Placed the only two frag grenades on his belt. Then he blessed his combat knife and place in the sheth across his chest. Then making sure he was ready he grabed his gear and headed to the hanger bay.

He arrived at the hanger bay no more than acouple of moments after he left. He saw the Baum by one of the transports and headed over to him. When he was close enough he gave him a crisp salute and stood near him awating the others.

Kommisar Sergei
14-05-2006, 18:35
Curtis was happy. Quite simply, he was ecstatic. He was going to get a chance to get even with Chaos. Something like that didn't happen everyday.
With a prayer to the Emperor on his lips, he strode into the launch bay, flamer resting against his hip jauntily. He gazed at the other troops in the hold with a slight sneer, knowing that he had faced down things that would make them gibber in terror. He was ready; were the grunts? It did not matter. All that did was the objective, and if it cost him his own life, then so be it.
He was ready to die.

Grand Warlord
14-05-2006, 19:43
Saluting again finding his seat Lufien sat there and went through a couple of litanies ... just incase it was the end for him. He smiled to himself.

15-05-2006, 00:18
"C'Mon! I got the paperwork right here!" Brannigan waved a piece of paper in front of the supply officer, who, in the practiced manner of all Administratum officals was proving less than co-operative.

"See! Signed off MIA! The pistol was offically lost to enemy action on Cadia, ive just been filling in forms so long!" With a long suffering sigh the clerk decided anough paper had been signed and reached behind him for a release form for a new Mars Pattern Laspistol. Within the hour it lay in Brannigans grasp.

Heading back to his bunkroom he slung the new weapon onto his webbing before fishing his original service pistol out from under his matress.

"New Toy Corp?" came a snigger from over the room, PFC Church he guessed.
"Hell yeah boyo, reloading gets ya killed son, you know that..." he put up a warning figure as someone from another squad passed through, they werent as old as Church and Brannigan, they wouldnt undertand.

"Yeah, so theyve signed me up for another death tour..." Brannigan sighed and started hauling his armour on over his fatigues.

"Still worth it?" Questioned Church. Causing Brannigan to pause and think back to a long time ago...

"Oh yes" he said with a grin "Oh yes indeed..."

Adjusting the ceramite plate he'd added to the front of his flak vest since that Tarrellian had tried to gut him he mimed a thrusting action with his hips as he slid a photo of Captain O'Malley and his Daughter behind it, his lucky talisman.

Church grinned too and hopped over to check Brannigans Mags for hi as he slid them into his webbing, an old ritual between them that had stopped a fair few duff loadouts.

Brannigan pulled on the webbing, adjusted the machete across his back to sit more comfortably on the Respirator pouch and slung the new pistol into a holster cunningly disguised as a utility pouch. Checking his holdout he playfully punched Church in the shoulder before sticking his helmet on his head, strap loose, and slinging his carbine across his chest, its smooth grey paint job dulled with bootpolish.

"Cya in the next life cockfag!" laughed Church as Brannigan strode out the door. "And next time try not to knock up the CO's Daughter!"

Checking his grenade straps, Brannigan quickly flipped Church off before grinning and striding down to the landing bay. The fun was just beginning...

15-05-2006, 01:17
Valar made sure he had all his scout gear and camo loaded and ready befor checking his weapons and gathering them up as well. He took out the small data pad and lookd at it sadly for a few moments befor putting it away and sawing a quit prayer before going to the hanger loading up into the transport. He looked at the team he was working with and then leaned back and closed his eyes.

Kommisar Sergei
15-05-2006, 01:46
Curtis reached into his hip pocket to withdraw a slightly bent and battered cigar. With a lighting fast jerk of his hands, he set the tip of it alight while pressing the igniter switch of his flamer, being carefull not to burn too deep into the synth-tobbaco, one of the Magos Biologis's greater triumphs.
He caught the smouldering blunt with his gloved hand, the black leather reflecting the slight glow from the head as it travelled to his lips, pursing around the oblong object as he took a drag off of it. With a blast of air, smoke poured forth from his nostrils, reasoning why he earned the nickname 'Dragon'.
"Well, this is as good a day to smoke as any. Not like I'll get another chance... not like-", he stammered, his heart hammering against his ribcage, a misty glow in his eyes as he remembered his wife and only daughter, cut down before him in a storm of autocannon shell and lasfire, bolterfire and warp.

He remembered her screaming before the shell had burst her skull, the tracers stitching a path of death up her chest, puncturing her lungs and shredding her heart. With a cry, he leapt forward to shield his daughter, but it was too late.
He remembered watching in horror as she seemed to bloat, a bolter shell catching her in the midsection, exploding her outward. Something wet slapped against his cheek, a scrap of her hair dangling from a lump of meat.
Then it went blurry. He vaugly remembered running, snatching the nearest thing to him; it was hot to the touch. With a cry that would shatter anyone's resolve, he hosed down the Traitor Marine and cultists, baking them until he heard their screams for mercy stop; heard their flesh sizzle, their eyes burst, their skin slough off into a charred waste of ashes.

He snapped back to reality. He was sweating coldly, the moisture profuse against his skin, soaking his uniform. Damn. He felt a tingling against his fingers, and looked down to see the cigar butt singeing his glove. Cursing, he threw it down on the deck, to grind it into a pile of ashes with his bootheel.

Khemri Daemon
15-05-2006, 09:57
Vassikin glanced sideways at Curtis, seeing him break into a cold sweat and leave his cigar burning in his hand. He had already decided that the guy was a few aquilas short of a basilica, and this latest episode had done nothing to dissuade that notion. Still, if he was going to work with him he might as well get to know him. Vassikin walked over to Curtis, who suddenly threw the lho-stick to the ground and stamped it out with a curse. "Want to talk about it?" Vassikin asked.

15-05-2006, 13:10

Commisar baum looked at his Chronometer Swearing inside. 'Im still missing a few Men. Where the Frag are they'

Climbing aboard he Made a final gear runthrough and found out that he was properly equiped. Sitting next to curtis he could see that there was a pile of ashes at his feet. The man beat him to it. Leaning back he got himself ready for departure.

15-05-2006, 14:29
That curtis guy sure must have some intersting problems with him, as dreden looked at the man break out into a cold sweat. Dont know if i really want to be near a nut with a flamer, ahh oh well just hope he can use it. Hearing the depature warning dreden decide to get some shut eye before they hit ground fall.

15-05-2006, 22:02
Marco Istani

I climb up the boarding ramp, offering a quick prayer up as I do. I know the Techs and the priests will have done their work already, but another one can't hurt, right? Inside, the transport smells of smoke, but its just Curtis, our resident flameboy. Fire in a landing craft is more or less top of our list of bad things, so I hope he behaves himself. The Commissar has taken the seat next to him, and I briefly wonder if he's thinking what I'm thinking.

I secure my lasgun to the clips on my seat, pull the straps tight on my helmet and flak jacket, and look around. The others seem ready for this. I'm ready for it, but nervous. I hope it doesn't show.


15-05-2006, 22:09
Departure in 2 minutes.....Repeat.....Departure in 2 minutes
The vox set blasted in the hanger and in every Transport. Over the Vox set you could hear the cheers and whoops of the other companies as they physiced them selves up for the Insueing battle to come.

16-05-2006, 01:54
Brannigan strapped himself in to his grav straps, and clipped n the chin strap on his helmet. Looking around at the dismal and outright psychotic guardsmen who appeared to be sharing the dropship with him he momentarily felt a moment of panic, this time it really looked like the dregs and weirdos were being purged...

He recognised Sergeant Curtis, Man had lost his family a while back, and a couple of the others from the regiment, along with a motley assortment of offworlders from other regiments, obviosly chaff for the Enemies missiles...

Deciding to lighten the mood he piped up.

"Righto Lads, just a quick insertion and we'll be kneedeep in the dead again eh?"

With a sly wink and a grin he finished rigging his harness and smashed his helmet against the stansion next to him.

"Cadia Prevails!" he voiced, the company motto ringing clear over the rising engines.

Kommisar Sergei
16-05-2006, 23:51
Curtis glanced over at Vassikin.
"No, on the Valkyrie. Then we chat."

17-05-2006, 11:23
Victor strolled into the transport hatch. He lazily saluted, before taking the cigarette he was smoking out of his mouth

"Cheers for holding the lift boss"
He smirked as he walked over to an empty seat, taking another drag as he did so. He unslung a bulky package from his shoulder and sat down.

17-05-2006, 21:12
:Prepare for departure.:

The Pneumatic lift draged the door to the locked position and sealed it. And with a jolt the transport took of and headed for the surface.

18-05-2006, 12:50
The Departure from the ship was Really rough Baum thought to himself. But once they got out of Range of the Transport ships range it was smooth sailing.

Looking out the port side window he could make out the ships outline. But on the other side of the ship he could see the Planet of Hirofan V. This made Baum Relax. By the Looks from orbit he could see that there was a huge City on the planet. He could also see the Planets main spires Shield. Sitting back in his seat he relaxed and as soon as he leaned back he vox unit came on.

"Entering the pipe guard units destination in 25 minutes. Get SOME!!!"
the vox unit blared and the Rest of the Platoon Cheered as they tried to fight off thier Anxiety.

Some Smoked, Some played cards. and Some just slept. This was going to be the battle that would kill most of them. But they where none of his business. Resting his head aginst the seat he dozed off.

20-05-2006, 21:26
The Landing went smoothly for about 5 minutes. As they where entering the atmosphere the obital defence platforms started to raise thier guns. Luckly they had bad aim.

Landing on Hirofan V was one of the Roughtest landings Baum has ever made. It had almost felt like they Crashed. Unbuckling his straps he stood up and walked toward the door as it opend. When it opened it was very bleek out side. Sure there was alot of IG Running around but the City scape was utterly destroyed. And to add to the Trouble it was Raining. Like A Grox pissing on a flat rock.

Flipping up his colar he steped out side to meet the High preist.

20-05-2006, 22:57
Victor unbuckled his grav belt. He rose from his seat, slung the bulcky bag he had brough on with him over his shoulder and moved into the doorway. He looked out across the landing ground. He was surprised ther was such a flat area of land on such a war-torn hive world. Maybe fleet had glassed it from orbit or something. He turned to the Commissar with a grin.

"Just be sure to remember where we parked, okay"

Khemri Daemon
21-05-2006, 09:05
Vassikin flipped up the hood of his cloak against the rain as he exited the shuttle and walked down the ramp, long-las slung over his shoulder. He rolled his eyes as Victor belted out a crappy one-liner not worthy of a b-rate Imperial holo-flick.

21-05-2006, 10:47
Brannigan smoothly moved clear of the shuttle, pausing to scan the area, it looked clear, but then he was no scout...

Flipping the safety off his Las Carbine, me movced out to form a perimeter.

22-05-2006, 21:35
Valar pulled the hood of his camo cloak over his head as he stepped out and took point. It was his job after all was it not. He knew they where fairly safe here but he scanned every posible hiding place he could see. He looked back at the commisar and nodded waiting for his orders.

22-05-2006, 21:58
Marco Istani

I emerge from the lander behind a few of the others, to be greeted by the rain hammering down on my helmet. Still, could be worse, better rain than mortars. The rest of the squad seem pretty nonchelant about our surroundings, and nothing seems badly out of place. In all the mess and confusion, who's going to notice our little squad?

I'm not hanging around in the open waiting for a lucky enemy sniper to blow my brains out though, this would be a bad time to drop my guard and pick up any bad habits. I head for a dark-looking shadow at the foot of a nearby building behind our scout, and crouch down with my back to the wall, stopping to wipe the worst of the rain from my face.


22-05-2006, 22:06
"Squad Form on ME!!!" Baum bellowed. Walking near the Valkrie lander her crew was already in place to take off. They where just waiting for them

Grand Warlord
22-05-2006, 23:50
Lufien did as ordred relaying basic info to HQ
OOC: im fighing a nasty cold so if my posts are less than stellar its a temp thing lol

Khemri Daemon
23-05-2006, 05:58
Vassikin fell into step next to Commissar Baum, sighing in annoyance as his battered guard-issue jackboots absorbed the rain-water pooling on the rockcrete.

23-05-2006, 07:30
After the landing Dreden got off the Valkarie and started to examin the landing zone. He saw about a couple of good trails to take a squad down fast.

After examing the landing zone for awhile he heard Baum call them to fall in. At the time he happened to be a good distance out so he had to run in, which he didn't mind at all. Then finally getting there he fell in to a spot that looked apporiate for a scout.

23-05-2006, 11:54
Brannigan moved up to the front of the group, just behind Dreden, and waited for the Scout to move out. He scanned the ruins again, but could see nothing through the driving rain.

25-05-2006, 03:17
Dreden seeing that everyone was there he then looked towards Baum.
"Hey Boss where to?" He said in a sarcastic way.